Water and the Environment

We help bridge the gap between water supply, wastewater recycling, water management and environmental stewardship for sustainable and rational use of resources

As our planet continues to grow, so too does the demand for infrastructure that helps life to flourish bringing improved economies and better living standards. However, not all territories have equal access to such essential infrastructure and resources. Equally, our resources are limited: water, land, energy, materials and it is therefore crucial to manage them efficiently, sustainability and equitably.

Since 1966, Ayesa has been deeply engaged in tackling these challenges on behalf of utilities, asset planners, governments, and municipalities worldwide, delivering solutions that are sustainable and environmentally respectful to nature and communities.

We provide cutting-edge solutions for aging water infrastructure, wastewater treatment, water recycling, desalination, dams, tunnelling and conveyance, flood defence schemes, constructed wetlands, coastal modelling and defences, inland waterways, canals and irrigation systems and cutting-edge water management & smart platforms.  But it doesn’t end there, we also provide a broad range of waste management planning services to public and private bodies, designing landfill and waste treatment facilities, assisting with environmental compliance and supporting waste management operations.

At Ayesa, technology plays a pivotal role in designing, implementing, and operating these solutions. Our team of civil and industrial engineers leverage state-of-the-art technologies, such as digital twinning, to craft complex hydraulic works, terrestrial, maritime, and river infrastructures, and provide land management solutions that preserve and enhance the environment.

The differential value of our engineering is in the integration of cutting-edge technology with our functional knowledge and experience to gain valuable insights from data. We develop and integrate cyber-physical systems that connect infrastructures with the world of data, and implement platforms for efficient and sustainable resource management.

Our approach

Dams and hydropower and hydraulic works

Comprehensive services, from the design and supervision of construction to the operation and maintenance of dams. A commitment to clean energy, backed by experience.

Sanitation and Supply

Sustainable access to our most precious asset –  water, through projects developed with a global vision, with intelligent infrastructures that provide the both technical and technological expertise.

Water supply and distribution

Streamlined designs of canals and large pipelines that efficiently supply the population, agriculture and industry, supported by experience and innovative technology.

Inland Waterway Engineering

Comprehensive solutions committed to backing the environment. Optimal design from sustainability, resilience and adaptation to climate change.

Marine & Coastal

Our coastal engineers use high-tech models and monitoring devices to understand the forces affecting coastal environments, including sea-level rise, tides, erosion, waves, climate change and storms surge.  This understanding provides the basis for their innovative designs of sustainable coastal structures and nature-based measures for coastal projects.  Coastal modelling uses simulation software to assess hydrodynamic and meteorological impacts at marine sites. Our models investigate sediment transportation, wave penetration, oil spill and dredge plume dispersion, and predicting hydrodynamic forces which may act on marine infrastructure.

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