Privacy Policy

In this privacy and data protection policy, the companies belonging to the Ayesa Group (hereinafter Ayesa) lay out the terms, conditions and obligations that must be observed in order to comply with applicable legal requirements as well as respect the privacy, reputation and image of all those who provide personal data to Ayesa.


Who is the controller?

Your data is collected and processed by Alía Gestión Integral de Servicios S.L. (hereinafter Alía), whose address is Calle Marie Curie 2, Edificio Ayesa, Seville 41092, Spain.

  • Telephone: (+34) 954 46 70 46
  • Fax: (+34) 954 46 24 91
  • General email address:
  • Email address for issues relating to data protection:


Security measures

Ayesa handles data belonging to users in a completely confidential manner, complying with the mandatory obligation of secrecy as regards said data. It does this in accordance with all applicable legal requirements, ensuring appropriate levels of security as well as technical and organisational security measures are in place in order to protect personal data, guarantee its lawful processing and confidentiality, and prevent its loss, alteration and unauthorised disclosure.


Basic information

Each form or document belonging to Ayesa that collects personal data includes basic information on the specific processing in question. Such information covers:

  • the purpose, i.e. why your personal data is to be collected and processed;
  • the amount of time said personal data will be kept for, or where it is not possible to provide accurate information in this regard, the criteria used for establishing it;
  • the lawful or legal basis that allows such data to be processed. (this must be provided for by applicable law);
  • the recipients, where applicable. These refer to entities other than Ayesa to which the personal data you have provided us with (or part of it) is disclosed or transferred in order to allow said entities to process it separately from Ayesa. These may include educational authorities for the purpose of compiling statistics or managing official qualifications; and
  • a list of your rights and how to exercise them.

Where applicable, said basic information shall also include:

  • where your data has been obtained from and what data has been obtained, where it has not been obtained directly from you;
  • if profiling is to be carried out (automated processing for the purpose of evaluating personal aspects relating to a natural person or predicting their performance at work, personal preferences, interests, behaviour, etc.) or automated decision-making will take place that affects them; and
  • if, for whatever reason, your data is going to be transferred to a country outside the European Economic Area where data protection authorities within the European Union have not stated there is an adequate level of data protection.

Before completing any electronic or printed form, we recommend you carefully read the information on data protection included on it, in addition to the information contained on this page.

Generally speaking, the data requested on forms must be provided (except where stated otherwise), as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) of processing laid out.

Therefore, if certain data is not provided or incorrect data is given, said purpose(s) may not be fulfilled, notwithstanding the fact that you may visit us and/or freely consult our website.


Responsibility of users

The following obligations must be complied with:

  • Users must be at least 16 years of age and ensure that the data they provide to Ayesa is correct, accurate, complete and up to date. Thus, users are responsible for the truthfulness of all data they provide and must keep it up to date at all times.
  • Where a user provides data belonging to somebody else, they must ensure that the individual to whom it belongs has been made aware of the content of this document. The user must also ensure they have received permission from the individual to whom said data belongs for it to be processed for the specific purpose(s) in question.
  • Users shall be held responsible for any false or inaccurate information they provide through the website and are liable for all direct and indirect damages caused to Ayesa or any third party as a result of this.


Additional information about your rights

You are entitled to:

  • obtain confirmation of whether Ayesa is processing personal data concerning you, and, where it is, be made aware of what data it is processing, the reason for such processing and where it obtained your data from (right of access);
  • ask for inaccurate or incomplete personal data to be rectified. In certain cases, proof of the change requested may be required;
  • request the cancellation or erasure of your personal data, where this is allowed by law, in particular where it is no longer necessary for the purpose(s) for which it was collected;
  • request the processing of your personal data be restricted, where the law allows for this, either temporarily or permanently;
  • in certain circumstances and on grounds relating to your particular situation, exercise your right to object to Ayesa processing your personal data. In such cases, Ayesa will stop said processing, except where there are compelling legitimate grounds to continue to do so or for the defence of legal claims;
  • exercise your right to data portability, where this is possible;
  • where your data was obtained for a specific purpose based on your consent, withdraw this consent at any time. This does not affect the lawfulness of processing already undertaken.

You may exercise your right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to restriction of processing, right to object and right to data portability, where the latter is legally applicable, by sending Alía a written request to Calle Marie Curie 2, Edificio Ayesa, Seville 41092, Spain, or Said request must state the right being exercised and include either an original document or copy of a document proving the data subject’s identity. Furthermore, if you believe any of your rights have been infringed, you may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) by sending a letter to Calle Jorge Juan 6, 28001 Madrid, Spain, or through its website:



In the case of data provided via the form under the text ‘Get all the news in your email’ (on the homepage of the website, and blog), this is provided to Alía, as well as to the Ayesa Group in the case of the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page of the website.


Additional information applicable to certain types of processing


  • Controller: Alia Gestión Integral de Servicios S.L.
  • Purpose: to undertake an investigation in response to information received through the channel and take action based on this.
  • Legal basis: public interest.
  • Recipients: Ayesa compliance team.
  • Rights: access, rectification and erasure, in addition to other rights explained in the additional information.
  • Additional information: for more information, please go to our record of processing activities [+Info].



  • Controller: Alía Gestión Integral de Servicios S. L. and the corresponding company belonging to the Ayesa Group (hereinafter ‘Ayesa’).
  • Purposes of processing: to maintain corporate relations between companies, institutions and other organisations and Ayesa. This includes sending out correspondence relating to news and events.
  • Legal basis: the legitimate interest of Ayesa and the data subject in maintaining corporate relations.
  • Recipients: third parties Ayesa entrusts with sending out correspondence and organising events.
  • Rights: access, rectification and erasure, in addition to other rights laid out in the section ‘additional information’.
  • Additional information: more information can be found in the record of processing activities [+Info].



Cookie Policy

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Ayesa reserves the right to modify its privacy policy in order to adapt it to changes to applicable legal requirements. In doing so, it shall strive to effectively guarantee the rights of data subjects at all times.