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Our services drive innovation to build an advanced, sustainable, and digitally-enabled reality for everyone.

Ayesa is a leading provider of technology and engineering services worldwide with over 12,500 employees and a direct presence in 23 countries across Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

Ayesa excels in developing and implementing innovative digital and engineering solutions for both private companies and public administrations. On the engineering side, our professionals applies the latest cutting-edge technologies to design and supervise infrastructure projects as well as create digital solutions that manage sustainability and efficient resources management. On the technology standpoint, we integrate all the essential technologies and services, to assist clients in resolving their most urgent business challenges and digitally transforming their business to make life easier, responsive, efficient and agile.

Our company’s success is as a result of our specialized teams, comprising more than 70 diverse disciplines with expertise in cutting-edge technologies in technology and engineering. These teams work diligently in various sectors including utilities and energy, public sector, banking and insurance, water and environment, transportation, aeronautics and defense, and building industries.

Ayesa strives to be a global, innovative, technology-focused, and people-centric company that is deeply committed to fostering inclusion, equity, diversity and sustainability. These values are the cornerstone of our commitment to our 12,500 employees and serve as our driving forces for innovation.

Our value – the Ayesa difference

We believe that technology should connect to the important things in life, such as health, resources, education, energy, and communication. At Ayesa, we recognize that technology has the power to transform these areas and create a better world for people. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop solutions that align with their goals and values. By focusing on what matters most, we help ensure that technology serves a meaningful purpose in people’s lives.

At Ayesa, we don’t just talk about the future and transformation; we make it happen. We partner with our clients throughout their entire journey, from understanding their business to developing customized solutions and responding to setbacks as they arise. We provide environmental stewardship to clients to ensure projects make a positive impact on people, communities and our world.

We foster progress and talent growth in a dynamic and exciting environment, providing opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their careers and tackle new challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to help create a better, more sustainable, and accessible world for people. By delivering innovative solutions in areas such as infrastructure, communications, health, water and energy, we provide valuable resources that enhance daily life and contribute to a brighter future.

Making it happen

A great deal has been said regarding the future and transformation. At Ayesa, we make things happen. 

Clients: We accompany our clients end to end, understanding their business, thinking about solutions and being a real partner that responds with agility when setbacks arise.

Employees: We make progress and growth a reality for talent, offering opportunities for challenges that make that difference.

Positive Impact: Our mission is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and inclusive world, by providing people with valuable resources that enhance their daily lives across various domains including transportation, water, communication, health, and energy.











Brand pillars

Ayesa has supported clients across diverse sectors in over 44 countries for over 58 years, building lasting partnerships based on our experience, reliability and trust. At Ayesa, you can rely on our experience, financial stability and expertise, which place us at the forefront of our industries to tackle present and future challenges.

With our application of cutting-edge technology, we have emerged as a global leader in our industry. Our advanced technological capabilities and innovative mindset enable us to deeply comprehend our clients’ businesses, tackle any challenge, anticipate their needs, and help them achieve their goals.

Commitment to Sustainability and Positive Outcomes. We believe that technology should emotionally connect with people in order to build trust. We understand that, despite having impressive technological capabilities, the human element is fundamental in fostering strong relationships with customers. That’s why we prioritize accessibility, closeness, and partnership for solutions, team building and clients.

At Ayesa, we recognize technology as a driving force behind sustainability. We are committed to being at the forefront of responding to the climate challenges that we all face. Our expertise in both IT and engineering allows us to play a vital role in shaping a better world for now and for future generations.

Our history




In 2022, Ayesa doubled in size through the acquisition of three major companies: Ibermatica, a leading technology firm, M2C, data management and automation consultants, and ByrneLooby, an engineering consultant based in Ireland, the UK, and the Middle East. These acquisitions will expand Ayesa’s markets, capabilities, and geographic reach. In particular, the acquisition of Ibermatica has propelled Ayesa to enter the top 5 IT consultants in Spain. ByrneLooby will play a key role in driving growth in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Middle East, while the acquisition of M2C, which specializes in data management and automation technologies, will further enhance Ayesa’s services and solutions.


The company celebrated its 55th anniversary with a standout portfolio worth over 500 million euros. It achieved a significant milestone by entering the top 50 of the Top 225 Engineering Design Firms of the world (ENR ranking). To further solidify its position as a global provider of technology and engineering services, A&M Capital Europe invested in a majority stake of Ayesa, which has enabled the company to pursue strategic acquisitions.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ayesa achieved a record turnover of 256 million euros by the end of the financial year and employed nearly 4,800 people. The company was notably awarded major contracts, such as the supervision of the redeveloped Bogotá Metropolitan Railway, which is worth 56 million dollars and is the largest contract the company has ever signed. In addition, Ayesa won a record amount of projects for major utilities and public administrations.


Ayesa’s business model, Engineering, Technology, and Consulting (ETC), centers on providing integrated engineering and technology services to its clients. Ayesa secured significant contracts, such as the redevelopment of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Additionally, AYESA successfully completed several desalination projects in the Middle East. By applying its ETC model, Ayesa is able to provide comprehensive services to clients in various sectors, including transportation, water, energy, and telecommunications.


Ayesa enters the Top 10 technology consultants in Spain by securing a contract worth 40 million euros in India. The contract involves providing direction and supervision for constructing a train line connecting Delhi with Meerut, making it the largest contract ever awarded in India’s history. Additionally, Ayesa launches new digital factory services for Industry 4.0


Ayesa solidifies its position in Eastern markets, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, and the Philippines: the company is one of the top 3 rail engineering firms in India, with contracts for eight of the twelve meters of lines currently under construction. Additionally, the company has provided services to Japanese clients in chemical engineering.


Ayesa explores opportunities in English-speaking technological markets with a new branch in London to facilitate connections with clients, funds, competitors, and partners in the region


With the support of a robust R+D+i team, Ayesa leads several European research projects. In recognition of its innovative work, the company received the Netfficient award that year for its contributions to the development of energy management systems for groups of homes.  Ayesa also develops proprietary solutions in several areas, including big data technology, electric car fleet management, network loss reduction, and a diverse portfolio of applications.


Ayesa takes a major step towards becoming an ETC (Engineering, Technology, and Consulting) by acquiring a significant technology consultancy that specializes in providing solutions for the public sector and electricity distribution. The acquisition brings with it a team of 1,700 technicians who will help expand Ayesa’s capabilities in these areas. Additionally, the company has entered the aeronautical sector and secured its first contract with Airbus.


The year proved to be pivotal for Ayesa as it expanded its global reach by establishing new offices in Poland, Morocco, and India. In addition to this, the company secured the contracts for two iconic projects in Latin America – the Panama metro line 2 and the Atotonilco treatment plant in Mexico City, which is the largest of its kind worldwide. Furthermore, Ayesa established an Mexican subsidiary with a concentration on technological installations.


Ayesa acquired a leading Catalan chemical process engineering firm, which was then integrated into the group. This move proved to be a pivotal starting point for the company’s expansion into the industrial sector, where it would go on to establish a reputation for excellence in the yeast, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas sectors.


3 years ago, Ayesa had established an office in Mexico which had been a key driving factor for growth and reputation. The Acueducto II project stands as a remarkable engineering achievement, further solidifying Ayesa’s reputation for world-leading engineering services. As a result of its continued success, the company tripled in size.


Ayesa secured its first high-speed tender for the Madrid-Barcelona AVE, and also won initial projects for the Pan-American highway in Peru. Additionally, the company achieved a milestone by becoming the first Andalusian firm to specialize in SAP implementation with a team of 140 technicians based in Seville.


Ayesa played a crucial role as the technical driving force behind the Seville EXPO 92 project, contributing to the design of many of its elements. Notably, the company was responsible for the design of the Bridge, Puente del Cachorro, which set a record for its remarkable slenderness. Ayesa also founded a company dedicated to the development of ICT facilities, pioneering this field years before the emergence of the internet.


Ayesa carried out its first project abroad: the irrigation of Santa Elena in Ecuador and the company opened an office in Guayaquil. In that same year, Seville was designated as the venue for EXPO 92 with thirty professional technicians, participating in key projects. Additionally, Ayesa designed its first F1 circuit in Jerez.


With a team of twenty professionals, Ayesa had already gained strong reputation in developing complex infrastructure projects. One such project was the construction of the large Pedrera reservoir, which served as the recipient of the Tajo Segura transfer. This earth dam was built in the most seismic area of Spain, showcasing Ayesa’s expertise in managing challenging engineering projects.


Ayesa started its operations in Seville with only two engineers and five collaborators in a small office. Its focus on adopting new technologies led to the successful completion of a cutting-edge project, the Mathematical Model of the Madrid supply network, which was an unusual feat at that time.


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