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We devise the necessary solutions to drive a new, better and more digital reality.

Ayesa is a global provider of technological and engineering services, with more than 11,000 employees and a direct presence in 23 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The company develops and implements digital solutions for companies and public administrations and applies the latest technologies to the design and supervision of infrastructures.

To this end, it has specialized teams in more than 70 disciplines and certificates in market-leading technologies, which carry out their activity in the field of utilities and energy; public sector; banking and insurance; water and environment; transportation; aeronautics and defense; and building.

In its vocation to be a global, creative, technology driven and human-centric company, Ayesa is committed to talent, through diversity and inclusion, as well as sustainability, as a hallmark and lever for innovation.


We believe that technology helps us create a better, more sustainable and more fully prepared world for people.

With that in mind, we are aware that this will not be possible if there is nobody with whom to connect technology with the important things, and thus make the future a reality.

Making it happen.

A great deal has been said regarding the future and transformation. At Ayesa, we make things happen. 

We accompany our customers end to end, understanding their business, thinking about solutions and being a real partner that responds when setbacks arise. 

We make progress and talent growth a reality in an exciting environment, offering opportunities to develop professional and vital careers to those looking for more challenges. 

We thereby enable a better, more sustainable and more accessible world for people, with useful resources for their daily lives in spheres such as communications, health or energy.

Brand pillars

At Ayesa, we have been helping clients from different sectors in transformation projects for more than 50 years, which has allowed us to build lasting relationships based on trustworthiness.
Today, at Ayesa we face the challenges of the future with the guarantee and solvency only a major group can offer.

Thanks to technological advances, today we stand at the fore as one the most significant players worldwide. We boast technological capabilities and innovative profiles that allow us to understand our customers’ business, face any challenge, foresee their needs and help them make their goals possible. 

We believe in a world where technology connects emotionally with people. And we are well aware that, with the same capabilities, the human component is fundamental and differential to build trust. We are accessible and close when dealing with customers, and as such our relationship entails a true partnership.

We understand technology as an element that drives sustainability. At Ayesa, we are at the forefront in responding to the climate challenge facing us all, whether from the field of IT or from the field of engineering with which our company shapes a better world.

Our history


Doubles its size following the acquisition of Ibermática. This year it makes two more acquisitions: ByrneLooby, to boost its growth in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East, and the technology consultancy M2C, specialising in data management and automation technologies.



The company turns 55 with a standout portfolio of more than 500 million euros. And it celebrates its anniversary by entering the TOP50 of the 225 largest engineering companies in the world, according to the prestigious ENR ranking. A&M Capital Europe takes a majority stake to position the firm as a global provider of technology and engineering services through acquisitions.


Despite the pandemic, it closed the financial year with a record turnover of 256 million euros and almost 4,800 employees. Major contracts such as the supervision of the Bogotá Metropolitan Railway overhaul are awarded, worth 56 million dollars, the largest signed to date. And projects are multiplied for utilities and public administrations.


Ayesa focuses on integrated engineering and technology services, with its business model ETC. It continues to grow in the utilities sector, with very technologically advanced projects, signing important contracts such as the overhaul of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. And desalination projects come to fruition in the Middle East.


Ayesa bolsters its position as one of the ten major Spanish technology consultants. It is awarded the largest contract in India’s history, valued at 40 million euros, for the direction and supervision of the construction of a train line that will link Delhi with Meerut. It boosts the business of Industry 4.0 with a new service called Digital Factory.


AYESA’s position is consolidated in the eastern market, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, India and the Philippines. In India it is one of the three main railway engineering companies, with contracts for eight of the twelve meters under construction. He also works for Japanese clients in the field of chemical engineering.


The global dimension of AYESA recommends participating in the Saxon technological market. Open a branch in London and establish contact with clients, funds, competitors and partners. Its solid presence in the Hispanic American market is an endorsement to develop alliances.


Supported by a powerful R+D+i team, it leads European research projects. That year she was awarded the Netfficient, to develop the energy management of a group of homes. She also creates her own solutions in big data technology, electric car fleet management, network losses and a wide portfolio of applications.


AYESA acquires a large technology consultancy specialized in solutions for the public sector and electricity distribution, with 1,700 technicians. It is the big step to become an ETC (Enginnering, technology, consulting). He also entered the aeronautical sector and achieved his first contract with AIRBUS.


Key year. It has already opened offices in Poland, Morocco and India. Win the competitions for two emblematic projects in Latin America: line 2 of the Panama metro and the Atotonilco treatment plant in Mexico City, the largest in the world. It creates its Mexican subsidiary of technological installations.


Acquire a Catalan chemical process engineering. It integrates it into the group, and is the starting point for activity in the industrial sector, where it will achieve high prestige in the yeast, pharmaceutical and oil & gas sectors.


AYESA had embarked on territorial expansion three years ago when it founded its delegation in Mexico, a country that would become a fundamental pillar of the group. The Acueducto II project is a feat of engineering. AYESA has already tripled its size.


It wins its first high-speed tender on the Madrid-Barcelona AVE. It also contracts the first projects for the Pan-American highway in Peru. That year, it became the first Andalusian company specialized in the implementation of SAP. AYESA already has 140 technicians, all in Seville.


AYESA is the technical engine of the EXPO project in its design and in that of many of its elements. The Puente del Cachorro stands out, a record for slenderness. He founded a company for the development of ICT facilities, years before the appearance of the INTERNET.


He carried out his first project abroad: the irrigation of Santa Elena in Ecuador. He opens his first office in Guayaquil. That year, Seville is designated as the venue for EXPO 92. With thirty technicians he participates in most of his projects. He also designs his first F1 circuit in Jerez.


With a team of twenty professionals, it already has prestige and develops projects of great technical complexity, such as the large Pedrera reservoir, recipient of the Tajo Segura transfer, an earth dam in the most seismic area of Spain.


AYESA begins its activity in Seville, in a modest office with two engineers and five collaborators. His eagerness for new technologies earned him the Mathematical Model of the Madrid supply network, cutting-edge work, unusual for the time, successfully completed.

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