Government and eGovernment

Our goal is to help the public sector keep up with the rapidly evolving demands of today’s world, where speed, efficiency, and usability are critical components of success

For over 30 years, Ayesa has been at the forefront of digitizing public administration services and platforms. Our expertise has led to the development of highly successful services management platforms for public administrations throughout Spain, and we are now extending this knowledge to ambitious projects in Latin America. Our solutions offer citizens fast, accessible, and user-friendly services based on the 360º citizen model, with updated cloud infrastructure, and safe and eco-friendly systems. At Ayesa, we recognize the importance of direct, personalized communication based on citizens’ preferences, needs, and demands, enabling them to interact seamlessly with the public sector and their administration through multiple channels.

Our approach


Ayesa has over 30 years of expertise in budgetary, financial, and tax fields. We are committed to supporting public administrations in their digital transformation journeys.


We accelerate digital transformation in human talent management, enabling organizations to succeed in the new era of employment and teleworking (WFH)

Social Sectors

Drawing upon our specialized expertise in managing social subsidies and economic benefit payments, we offer tailored solutions for areas related to inclusion, dependence, disability, elderly care, family support, and youth services


Development of comprehensive management systems through solutions linked to the areas of hydraulic infrastructure, grant management, environmental education and training, digital transformation, water taxes and strategic environmental planning and assessment.


We have in-depth expertise in digitalisation of a vast variety of areas, including job placement, guidance and training for employment, and data governance.

We assist you in your projects

Our goal is to provide you with the best services for your needs