Government and eGovernment

We accompany the public sector in its digital transformation in the context of a constantly shifting environment that demands speed, efficiency and simplicity in the processes.

The public administration must provide quick, simple and accessible responses to citizens. In its digitisation process, it seeks to simplify the relationship with citizens, tailoring services towards a 360º citizen model, update cloud infrastructures and move towards a safe and environmentally friendly system.

In Ayesa, we have been working on these aims for more than 30 years with the aid of the public sector. That is why we know that people need digital solutions that offer them more direct, tailor-made communications and the possibility of interacting with public services through the maximum number of channels.

Thanks to our technological capabilities, we have created multiple digital citizen services management platforms for public administrations throughout Spain, in addition to taking on the challenge of exporting this knowledge to ambitious projects in Latin America.

Our approach


At Ayesa, we boast more than 30 years’ experience in the budgetary, financial and tax fields. We stand alongside public administrations in their digital transformation processes.


We guarantee and hasten digital transformation applied to human talent management for the success of organisations and geared towards the new definition of employment and teleworking (WFH).

Social Sectors

With a well-honed specialisation in the management of social subsidies and payments of economic benefits, we provide specific solutions for areas related to inclusion, dependence, disability, elderly, family and youth.


Development of comprehensive management systems through solutions linked to the areas of hydraulic infrastructure, grant management, environmental education and training, digital transformation, water taxes and strategic environmental planning and assessment.


Extensive experience in different areas, such as employment intermediation, guidance, training for employment and data governance.

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