We contribute to sustainable development by creating fully renewable electricity generation solutions, making energy transmission and distribution more efficient and safer, and bringing innovation to electricity storage and management.

At Ayesa, we have a rich history of successfully executing power generation, transportation, and storage projects since our inception. Our presence spans across various geographies worldwide, allowing us to work closely with our valued customers.

We possess extensive expertise throughout the entire electric value chain. Our capabilities encompass renewable generation, including solar CSP, PV, wind, and biomass transformation.

Our adept team also excels in designing efficient transmission systems, such as high voltage lines and large substations, catering to the needs of operators and utilities. We are proud to be recognized as experts in smart grids.

In recent years, Ayesa has forged a specialization in electrical and hydraulic storage solutions. Our portfolio encompasses electric batteries (BESS), pumped storage (PHS), thermal storage in CSP plants, and cutting-edge green hydrogen production systems. To date, we have successfully completed over 20 projects for esteemed clients such as Iberdrola, EDP, Enlight, ENEL, and REE.

Our approach

Renewable Generation

At Ayesa, we specialize in developing engineering projects for a wide range of clean technologies, including photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, and biomass. Our dedicated team is adept at tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring optimal performance and environmental benefits.

Hydroelectric Developments

Ayesa boasts a comprehensive structure and capabilities in both the energy and water sectors, enabling us to tackle projects involving dams or hydroelectric power plants, regardless of their complexity or size. With our expertise, we deliver innovative solutions in the field of hydroelectricity.

Hydrogen and Renewable Gases

The decarbonization of the economy calls for specialized engineering services in emerging energy sources like hydrogen and other renewable gases. At Ayesa, we possess multidisciplinary teams that stay ahead of the curve, providing cutting-edge solutions in these areas.

Energetic Storage

The rapid progress of hybrid storage solutions utilizing green generation sources demands advanced engineering services. Ayesa leads the way in offering innovative engineering solutions for these hybrid storage systems.

HV Transmission and Distribution

As we pave the way for the future, electricity transmission and distribution networks are becoming more participative, sustainable, and efficient, prioritizing safety. Ayesa is at the forefront of designing and implementing these next-generation networks.

We support your projects

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