Civil Engineering & Architecture Designs

We carry out consultancy projects, studies, scheduling and construction projects on civil works and architecture.

As a technology and engineering company, we supplement our technological expertise with the ability to design physical infrastructures, such as unique buildings that endow cities with personality, iconic bridges that integrate into the landscape, transport infrastructures such as high-speed roads, smart roads, stations and airports that form the backbone of territories, and remotely controlled energy and water channelling networks that enable urban and demographic development.

BIM, digital twins and augmented/virtual reality as industry transformation methodologies

We were among the first to adopt BIM technology to model designs with functionality parameters and thus simulate their subsequent behaviour and operational readiness. We devise through placing the onus on sensing the infrastructure to take it into the world of data, creating the foundation for smart cities.

Our skills set

Consultancy and studies

We have recruited multidisciplinary specialist teams that advise our clients at any stage of their projects and that develop the necessary studies to select, streamline and safeguard their investments. 

Master plans and hydrological scheduling

We develop master plans for transport, water and urban planning infrastructures devised under the criteria of economic, technical and environmental sustainability. The programming and efficient management of water resources inspire the hydrological plans that we develop to attain sustainable development.

Scheduling and basic engineering studies

The experience, proven methodologies and the application of innovative tools explain the prestige of Ayesa in the drafting of planning studies – feasibility studies, background studies, informative studies, preliminary projects – and basic engineering.

Construction projects and detailed engineering

The combination of technical and technological knowledge places us at the forefront of the detailed design of large civil works and architecture infrastructures where our specialists provide constructive and functional, economic and sustainable solutions. 

We promote your projects

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