Blending local culture with sustainable design: The City of Justice of Cordoba

  • Client: Junta de Andalucía / Consejería de Justicia e Interior
  • Date: 2006 - 2017
  • Location: Córdoba, Spain
  • Sector: Cities
  • Subsector: Community Equipment
  • Investment: 65,7 M€

“This unique Judicial building is the first of its kind for Ayesa, as we managed the entire project from conception in the design phase to its final completion and operation. The successful delivery of this project has not only enabled us to enhance our expertise in designing large-scale judicial facilities but also shows our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients.”

Carmen Manzanares

Project Manager


built area

200access control points

to the building


para detenidos

425Photovoltaic panels



3autopsy rooms