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Transportation infrastructure plays a vital role in our daily lives, and achieving a sustainable mobility model is critical to balance efficiency, environmental impact, territory, society, and economy. At Ayesa, we prioritize environmental compatibility while integrating cutting-edge technologies to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Ayesa is a leader in rail and metro and rapid transit systems (Subway, High-speed rail, Bus Rapid Transit, Light rail/tram) and we apply cutting-edge technologies and engineering expertise to facilitate the sustainable movement of people and goods.

Our projects include the planning, designing and construction of tunnels, metros, trams, high-speed rails, and stations, improving connectivity and providing social and economic benefits to communities worldwide. We deliver physical infrastructure in a sustainable manner, using the latest expertise. We undertake transportation projects that transform the industry through innovative software development such as predictive O&M, ticketing systems, and consumer applications.

Our approach

Metropolitan Rail Networks

Having delivered more than 500 kilometres of track and 250+ stations, we have gained valuable insights, best practices, and innovative solutions from around the world. Our successful project delivery has positioned us as one of the leading companies globally for designing, constructing, and supervising rail, metro, and tram stations.


We have extensive experience in providing planning, design, and supervision services for both conventional and high-speed rail lines globally.


We have gained vast visibility and experience in road design through our enduring collaboration with the Spanish government in road planning. Our expertise also extends to incorporating advanced technologies, resulting in intelligent roads that are capable of accommodating autonomous vehicles.


Territorial management

We resolve all the procedures associated with the implementation and operation of an infrastructure, which requires addressing critical aspects, such as obtaining and releasing the necessary land, cadastral and registry management or the undertaking of all legal aspects and permits required.


We analyse how the terrain can behave and interact with our intervention. We use our knowledge and the best tools to determine how we can design and build the new structure, as well as the management, operation and conservation of the same.

Bridges and structures

Projects featuring smart, attractive, efficient and durable designs. Design experts in complex, seismic or unstable areas, we provide innovative solutions for all types of needs.


Planning, design and supervision of port and airport infrastructures. Optimisation from the conceptual phase onwards to operational maintenance.

Transportation installations

We design in detail all the systems necessary for the electrification of railway lines and the control, command and signalling thereof. We use algorithms and tools for the automation of the design of electromechanical installations in the transport sector, both airports, roads and railways, using BIM methodology and advanced calculation programmes.

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