Buildings and Cities

Cities are shifting toward a more digital and sustainable model. It is time to rethink the present to build a better future.

Our modern world demands cities that are sustainable and connected, with buildings that harness sunlight, wind energy and air currents, and infrastructure that facilitates shared electric transportation and smart public transport. At Ayesa, we leverage our expertise in urban planning, architectural design, project management and technology to deliver cutting-edge sustainable solutions, recognized by leading certifications such as LEED and BREEAM. We incorporate smart management platforms for public transportation and carpooling, as well as coordinated fleets of electric vehicles and interconnected systems for enhanced tourism, enhanced cultural experiences and data-driven operations and maintenance.

Our urban designers collaborate with experts in various fields, enabling us to provide comprehensive advice on regeneration opportunities and challenges. We use analytics to create placemaking visions supported by evidence, and our digital capabilities communicate proposals in an engaging and transparent way. Our passion for placemaking, environment, and health and wellbeing drives our masterplanning for economic, social, and environmental benefits for clients and communities. We work with national and local governments, transport operators, property developers, and other organizations around the world.

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