January 23, 2024

Ayesa is ranked in WA100 2024 as one of the largest global architecture firms

  • Ayesa solidifies its status as a significant global player in Architecture 
  • Ayesa is ranked #74 out of 100 top World Architecture Firms with 139 Architects
  • Ayesa is a regional Top 10 for South and Central America ranked #6 by fee income of €1,318,640

Ayesa, a global provider of engineering and technology services has been announced as one of the world’s largest architecture practices ranking number 74 in the prestigious Top 100 World Architect International survey.

The survey is completed annually by BDOnline and it ranks the top 100 architects by the number of architects they employ. It also comments on financial strength, Projects and industry trends.

Antonio Cubero Hernández Director of Building & Architecture Division for EMEA, ASIA, and LATAM commented: “Today marks a defining moment in Ayesa’s journey as we are recognised among the world’s largest architecture practices. After 25 years from the foundation of the Architectural Department in Ayesa, our commitment to innovation, excellence, and pushing the boundaries of design has propelled us to the prestigious #74 position in the WA100 2023.This achievement is a testament to the hard work and passion of every member of the Ayesa family. As we embrace this milestone, we remain dedicated to shaping a future where our architectural endeavors continue to inspire and redefine industry and sustainability standards. Together, we build not just structures, but legacies for our future

Ayesa’s impact extends far beyond rankings; Major designs include the Cruzcampo Experience Factory, the Puerta Triana complex in Seville, the Chamartin Business Centre in Madrid, the Ar-Rimal, Al-Qadisiyah, Monasyah and Twaeeq urban parks in Riyadh or St Barts Hospital and Audley Square in London, as well as the iconic Site Supervision and Management of the New Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid or the Amador Convention Centre in Panama, to name but a few.

From iconic structures that redefine cityscapes to sustainable developments that harmonise with the environment, Ayesa aims to shape the world through architectural excellence.



  1. The results of the survey reveal that 75% of participants expect sustained economic expansion in the Middle East, with particular attention on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where significant developments such as the Neom project and vertical city constructions contribute to the region’s anticipated growth. India secures the second position in terms of expected economic development.
  2. Regarding the United States, two-thirds of respondents express optimism about its economic growth, marking a slight increase from the previous year.
  3. The survey indicates that 61% of participants anticipate growth in the global construction sector for the current year. However, there is a prevailing sense of caution regarding the growth prospects in Western Europe.
  4. The general consensus among respondents is that the Chinese market has experienced a decline, attributed to a collapse in the commercial sector and a cooling-off in the relationship between the United States and China.


Ayesa in the Top WA100 2024

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