March 14, 2024

Ayesa reveals the widespread use of generative AI in the business world

The company’s Managing Director, Germán del Real, recently took part in an event on artificial intelligence organised by Expansión and ETL Global.

Germán del Real, Managing Director of Ayesa, recently participated in a meeting on AI and its use in the world of business, organised by the economic newspaper Expansión and ETL Global. During the event, participants debated the most important aspects of this cutting-edge technology.

Germán explained how Ayesa is using AI to optimise its own processes as well as those of its clients: ‘One of the many ways we use AI is to generate code and detect errors, something that allows us to improve the quality of our work. In terms of our clients, we use it to automate processes, customise products and services, and improve decision-making. This is made possible by the fact that it allows users to handle large volumes of data and identify patterns and correlations’.

He noted how generative AI is already being used across the company: ‘Our HR department uses it to improve selection processes and our finance team to make predictions and analyse risk’.



Participants presented a number of examples from the private and public sectors of how the possibilities of AI are being harnessed: Talgo, for example, uses it to obtain real-time information on all the components of its trains; RTVE to detect fake news; LaLiga to record matches and generate data to detect up-and-coming players, prevent injuries and improve training; and Consentino to automate its back office.

They also spoke about the impact of AI on employment. Generally speaking, they were of the opinion that rather than destroying jobs it will transform and improve them.

‘I’m not concerned that AI will send shock waves through the job market, although it is true that we have a big challenge in terms of training. The model used by universities in this country is largely obsolete, although there are private universities that offer joint degrees which include big data and AI’, remarked Germán.

He added: ‘As companies, we need to start talking about AI in a responsible way as well as strive for transparency, for example in terms of algorithms’.

Other participants at the event included Osmar Polo, Managing Director of T-Systems, Juan Parra, CEO of DXC Technology Iberia, Pilar Torres, Managing Director of Eviden, and Sergio Carpio, a partner at ETL Global.

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