March 19, 2024

Ayesa is awarded a contract to improve wastewater management in Andalusia

The project, which will take place in Fuente Obejuna, is part of efforts by the Regional Government of Andalusia to improve the way wastewater is managed in rural areas.

Ayesa, a global provider of engineering and technology services, has been awarded a contract by the Regional Government of Andalusia to design the infrastructure needed to collect and treat sewage currently released into streams and rivers in areas across the municipality of Fuente Obejuna, in the province of Córdoba. These include Argallón, La Coronada, Cuenca, La Cardenchosa, Los Morenos and El Porvenir de la Industria.

The contract is valued at EUR 167,432 and will last twelve months. Once completed, the project will allow the regional government to comply with Directive 91/271/EEC, which states that Member States must ensure ‘all agglomerations are provided with collecting systems for urban waste water’.

The scope of the contract will see Ayesa produce the construction specifications for new wastewater treatment plants and collection infrastructure. This will involve all aspects of civil engineering, access to the new treatment plants, the installations necessary to allow them to function correctly, and the infrastructure needed to collect sewage from discharge points and take it to the plants. The possibility of reusing treated water will also be considered.

Initially, compact total oxidation treatment plants will be used. Argallón, La Coronada, Cuenca and El Porvenir de la Industria will each have its own, whilst La Cardenchosa and Los Morenos will share one.

This will result in a reduction in the amount of sewage released into streams and rivers, something which currently poses a significant risk to wildlife and public health.

Ayesa has extensive expertise and experience when it comes to water, and is committed to ensuring its availability and sustainable management.

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