March 22, 2024

Ayesa is appointed to the NorPeruvian Pipeline, one of the largest engineering works in Peru

This infrastructure, which extends to over a thousand kilometers, will be upgraded and modernized to deliver a sustainable and efficient resource.

The state-owned company, Petroperú, has awarded Ayesa a maintenance supervision contract valued at approximately 4.3 million euros, aimed at preventing leaks and ensuring the pipeline operates according to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. This project ranks among the most extensive engineering undertakings in Peru, featuring a pipeline that stretches over a thousand kilometers across the country.

The entire system spans 1,106 kilometers, including 252 kilometers of the northern branch (ORN), which facilitates oil transportation to various communities. Committed to enhancing the pipeline with cutting-edge technology, Petroperú has embarked on a significant modernization initiative.

In January 2020, Ayesa was assigned to oversee maintenance on segments I and II of the ONP and the ORN, through a contract worth 2.5 million euros. More recently, it was granted another maintenance supervision contract for 4.3 million euros. Ayesa is responsible for supervising metal-mechanical repairs and civil works that could affect the pipeline, including riverbank defenses, stress relief, slope stabilization, and projects related to roads, canals, and sanitation.



The SCADA system plays a critical role in this modernization, allowing for remote, real-time control and monitoring of the pipeline’s operations, thus ensuring the safe transport of crude oil and enabling swift decision-making.

A sophisticated leak prevention and control system has been integrated into the SCADA system, equipped with pressure transmitters and automatic shut-off valves at strategic pipeline points. This capability for real-time monitoring facilitates immediate responses to leaks, significantly mitigating environmental impacts.

Under a comprehensive agreement with Petroperú, Ayesa is set to deliver engineering solutions aimed at boosting the ONP’s operational efficiency in the short to medium term. These deliverables include the development of a new SCADA system for the pipeline, the design of crucial shut-off valves, and the engineering of an innovative crude oil loading dock for the region.

Since it entered the Peruvian market in 2010, Ayesa has taken part in numerous projects across architecture, engineering, and technical consulting, thereby marking a significant contribution to the development of the country’s infrastructure.

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