IT Security Culture 

Cybersecurity goes further than just technology; it is a whole culture that includes processes and people. Ayesa is one of the few cybersecurity service providers that addresses both information security (IT) and operation security (OT) requirements. In the IT sphere, confidentiality and privacy are fundamental, and the focus is on information. In the OT world of operations, the onus is on the availability of data, on the smooth functioning of processes and their resilience to possible attacks.

Ayesa’s services range from the most primary and physical levels of protection, field networks (instrumentation), control (PLCs, DCS), supervision and operation (SCADA, HMI, MES), to the highest levels of information, including network layers and business applications.  

We also provide different SOCs (Security Operation Centres) from which we monitor risks and attacks and provide response to them, to foster the sturdiness of systems and business continuity.

Our vulnerability detection (ethical hacking) and correction teams open the service to a vertical model that includes a subsequent design of protection, monitoring and response architectures. 

Our skills set


We perform forensic analysis and diagnosis in IT/OT environments. We apply Red/Blue Team techniques according to the needs of the customer or their environment. We unearth weaknesses in the systems using attack or defence techniques.

Consultancy services

Consultancy and advice, both technical and regulatory. We provide support and advice to understand and address the challenges posed by new cybersecurity regulations and scenarios.

Professional Training

Training and awareness on cybersecurity aspects, since proper use to maintain infallible protocols depends on all the team that deals with the information.


We detect security vulnerabilities when performing an analysis of software developments. We use both static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) safety analysis testing processes.


We propose improvements and detect vulnerabilities with an assessment of the infrastructure’s current state. We apply solutions such as SOC and Virtual CISO to ensure that the integrity of cybersecurity is maintained.


Design, definition and implementation of secure infrastructures, to ensure that needs are met to maintain the integrity of the system.

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