Banking and Insurance

The sector is in the midst of an unprecedented digitisation process. Through technology, business models, customer relationships and streamlining processes are undergoing a reinvention process.

We provide best-in-class technological capabilities for the banking and insurance industry at Ayesa, including the creation of solutions to streamline data collection and analysis, smart digital marketing campaigns, predictive algorithms for fraud detection and risk analysis, as well as customised software applications and system integration.

Creating algorithms in acquiring, storing, processing, and analyzing data allows us to provide customized solutions that improve efficiency, provide valuable insights, and deliver a competitive advantage to our clients.

We partner with major banks and insurers worldwide, supporting their digitisation journeys in both their domestic and global markets.



Our approach

Analytics and Viewing

We develop analytics and programs around key areas such as regulatory reporting, risk management and fraud prevention, consumer credit management, payments, claims, and customers to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive and complex industry.


We handle UX digital sales, portfolio management, commission structure definition, and intermediary/broker management on the trading level.

Revenue cycle

Our services include product workshops, pricing and simulation, risk selection, and policy management.

Expenditure cycle

We manage workshops for services and suppliers.


We have a demonstrated track record in providing COBOL technical analysis services for the management of asset applications using technology.


We utilize IBM BPM and Java to orchestrate office processes and forms, with a focus on enhancing the performance of financial terminals.

Banking integrations

We have extensive experience in multiple integrations, including migration of assets, liabilities, banking services, delinquency, and accounting and management products.

Online banking

We have the diverse expertise required to develop accessible digital services and next generation digital service


We deploy in-house software integrated with the banking core for managing complaints and customer grievances, ensuring compliance with reporting requirements to the Bank of Spain.


We  specialize in asset recovery applications for large clients and  cover all phases of the recovery process.

We support your projects

Our goal is to provide you with the best services for your needs