AI & data science

Data intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered one of the greatest technological evolutions of the 21st century. It is also one of the major leaps that the business world can take in internal management models of operations. While it is said that whoever holds data wields power, a sizable amount of unstructured, inaccessible, or erroneous data does not allow for proper utilisation.

Ayesa offers services throughout the data value chain. From the pure accumulation of data, its categorisation and sorting in complex databases with or without structure, to the design of specific algorithms for subsequent multidimensional analysis, and its representation with the most advanced tools, for efficient decision-making.

We integrate simple data models with third-party tools such as Google, AWS or Microsoft, and develop complex algorithmic solutions for specific needs, combining our technological capabilities with those of engineering.

Our skills set

Simulation & streamlining

We design and develop simulators and streamlining methods for automatic decision-making. 

Data management

We prepare the ingestion and management of data in structured and unstructured databases, and for this we use consolidated tools and technologies such as hadoop, No-SQL, Spark and elk.

Data analytics

We carry out multidimensional analyses to offer a clear and objective view of the situation of our customers, logically identifying key action points.

Business Intelligence

We prepare Business Intelligence reports for the visualization and interpretation of real-time data-based information, in order to make strategic business decisions that increase productivity, improve revenues and support growth, using different technological solutions such as PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, etc.

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