Industrial engineering

Consultancy, studies, engineering projects, procurement, construction and commissioning, for the oil and gas, processing plants, energy, mining, agri-foodstuffs industry and manufacturing sectors.

At Ayesa, we boast wide ranging experience in areas that require a high degree of applied know-how, alongside major specialisation in diverse sectors and international activities. Among the areas we master, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmacy stand out, in addition to enjoying excellent solvency in the oil and gas sector, mainly in refining, processing and storage of LNG. In the electricity generation sector, we are at the fore in projects related to renewable energy sources and their transport and distribution systems. Our professional teams are able to address all types of building facilities in any industrial environment, both on-site and off-site, whether mining, building facilities or even industrial complexes.

As a company of a markedly technological nature, we do not limit ourselves to the application of engineering techniques, but we operate using state-of-the-art tools, such as BIM methodology or collaborative design techniques in the cloud with tools that allow international teams to work on the same model.

Coverage of the complete life cycle in the manufacture of industrial facilities

Our structure, size and presence are designed to offer different services ranging from consulting to turnkey installations. We offer background studies, conceptual and basic engineering, technical assistance for plant processing and auditing, amongst other aspects. We also have experience in sourcing materials, purchasing and logistics, as well as in procurement management, inspection and supply of materials and equipment. Finally, in the area of construction and assembly, our services include contracting, mechanical installations, supervision and management of works, cost management and commissioning.

Our skills set

Studies, consulting, conceptual engineering, technical-administrative projects

We carry out technical advisory services, preliminary and feasibility studies, tender engineering, conceptual engineering and administrative projects of various kinds that are developed in the initial definition stages for any facility, plant or industrial complex.

Basic engineering projects

We undertake basic engineering projects, technical assistance in processes and legalisation processes for oil and gas, process plants, energy, electrical power systems, mining, agri-food industry and manufacturing.

Construction projects and detailed engineering

We develop detailed engineering and construction projects for installations, electrical power systems, plants and industrial complexes in oil and gas, processing plants, energy, mining, agri-food industry and manufacturing.

Procurement, supply of materials, purchasing and logistics

We carry out the management of purchases, inspection and logistics for the supply of materials and equipment, as well as the contracting of construction and assembly services.

Management for construction and assembly

We are commissioned with engineering control services carried out by third parties, management and construction management, construction supervision and assembly of plants and industrial complexes. 

Commissioning and start up.

We carry out the verification of the assembly according to functional design and the operation of the individual elements of each system, verification of the correct functionality of the whole of each system by applying operating parameters, productive start-up, ‘performance test’ and reception of the installation.

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