Construction consultancy and PMO

Construction management and technical assistance to DO – Start-up and operation management – Project Management – Property engineering

In order to move from planes to reality, humanity has evolved for thousands of years the ways of building, while gaining experience and learning from its mistakes for generations. Since experience is of the utmost importance, at Ayesa we have provided our knowledge contribution to construction management for more than 50 years .

Yet experience is not the be-all and end-all, technology helps us to make that qualitative leap to bring differential value, advance the next steps and provide solutions prior to the unearthing of difficulties.

Tools such as augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, or digital twins help us view the future and guide execution. The use of drones helps us save time in inspection and provides security to those who carry out their work on site, and cloud IT infrastructures take the smallest detail of the design to the most remote construction points.

We spearhead the management of large infrastructure works thanks to our renowned professionals with extensive international experience in project management and management and the expert advice of Ayesa’s design experts.

Our skills set

Project management and technical assistance to the DO

Ayesa has extensive experience in overseeing major civil and industrial works in various parts of the world. Combining experience, expertise and technology, we support the important responsibility that our customers entrust to us.

Direction of commissioning and operation

The integration of engineering and technology allows us to provide the best possible response to the planned supervision of the start-up, regulation and balancing of equipment. We contribute groundbreaking innovative developments in the spheres of process automation, monitoring, control, supervision and integration.

Project Management

At Ayesa, we manage projects while maintaining the focus on meeting goals set in terms of resources and deadlines. Within a digital backdrop, we ensure that the risks, problems and changes that may take place in the life of the project are kept under control.

Property engineering

Ayesa provides property engineering services ensuring compliance with contractual requirements in terms of quality, price and term. Through accompaniment, project management and technical advice, we guarantee the project’s quality compliance. 

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