Digital transformation is a reality that has a bearing on the future of the telecommunications sector in which we wish to leave our mark.  

Telecommunications is the first link in the chain that makes it possible to digitise the rest of the economy. In a market where competition is fierce, the future of the sector requires flexible and groundbreaking solutions to meet the challenges it presents.

Ayesa’s teams design disruptive solutions focused on the needs of our customers. In the telecommunications sector, we prioritise the analysis of available customer data, predictive study and a deft go-to-market that allows for the adaptation of management and billing systems into a new commercial offer.

 The experience of our professionals makes it possible to offer solutions such as outsourcing of business systems (BSS), operations (OSS) or predictive algorithm to systematise, boost and personalise the management of your customers.

Our approach

Business intelligence

We design, implement and maintain inbound and outbound campaigns per channel for B2C and B2B. We apply rules and algorithms for the retention, prevention and loyalty of customer interactions. NBA campaigns and analytical monitoring (penetration, conversion, redemption levels and Audiences Analysis Attribution model by channel and sale in instalments.

Billing, Collections and Revenue Assurance

We perform scoring models, customer behavioural curves, revenue loss identification, and customer behaviour tracking.


We carry out engineering and development of revenue data, traffic and subsidies, pre-closing processes, accounting closures, Budget, Rolling, Forecast or IFRS15.

We support your projects

Our goal is to provide you with the best services for your needs