CRM - Management of customer relationships

We digitise communication with your customers 

Beyond the concept of a platform or software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a vital system that is created specifically to manage and analyse customer interactions that any business needs vis-à-vis streamlining and analysis.

Ayesa is endowed with the skills to design and implement CRM systems tailored to each company, because we work with numerous manufacturers, amongst which stand out as our main partners and technological benchmarks, namely Salesforce and Microsoft.

We integrate the new system in order to measure and analyse customer interactions with the apps that your business already uses, using already existing connectors or developing the software that is necessary.

Our skills set

Product selection consultancy

As consultants, we study the ideal solution for organisations and advise the latter throughout the process. 

Accompaniment in organisations' digital transformation

We implement and integrate the new software systems.

Solution Deployment

We implement systems, applications and products for data processing (SAP), Salesforce and Microsoft.

Maintenance/evolution of solutions

We manage the services from their conception to their subsequent daily operation. We maintain and develop solutions and control the most relevant operating parameters. 

We promote your projects

We are here to advise you and offer you the service you need