Cloud Platforms and hybrid IT

The IT and Cloud Infrastructure Your Business Needs

Nowadays, IT infrastructure is the blood system coursing through companies’ veins, which helps them manage their processes, be more productive or serve their customers. That framework supports data storage and swift access to data, application availability, legal compliance, dynamism and flexibility for business growth or model overhauls, as well as interaction between teams, customers and vendors.

At Ayesa, we offer a fully comprehensive service that includes elements of infrastructure, its orchestration and governance and an efficient and understandable management of resources.

We manage services offering round-the-clock support that include maintenance and evolution of hardware and software, with innovative management models such as the IaC (Infrastructure as Code). 

We provide experience in public Cloud solutions, including hyperscalers (Google, AWS, Microsoft) and their integration with their own physical infrastructures in multi-cloud models or hybrid clouds. 

We also adapt the code of existing applications to work in Cloud environments, or develop native code for the cloud through microservices and container technologies.

Our skills set

Provisioning and orchestration of IT infrastructure

We respond to the needs of the business to create streamlined infrastructures. We improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the data centre through software-defined infrastructure construction and orchestration. Automated provisioning and resource allocation of network, storage and computing infrastructure reduces costs and increases efficiency.

IT Management

We assist organisations in appraising, managing and overseeing IT governance.

Public cloud, proprietary and hybrid or multi-cloud environments

We help organisations boost business transformation by defining IT infrastructure deployment strategies in public, proprietary and hybrid clouds. We support the implementation of tools and methodologies focused on the management of multi-cloud environments to advance their digital transformation in any Cloud environment. We have recruited highly qualified professionals specialising in hybrid cloud approaches.

Services managed

Comprehensive service management: we operate, maintain and exploit customer services over the full range of existing technologies and environments. We guarantee the security, integrity of the data, the life cycle of the systems and the document management of the same.

Adaptation of applications to the cloud, native developments and digitisation of the workplace

By adapting applications to the cloud, we help organisations benefit from the advantages of microservices, achieving total elasticity and scalability, reducing development and maintenance costs and integrating with modern and flexible infrastructures.

We promote your projects

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