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Technology for business processes

The application of technological developments to business processes already goes far beyond the world of software and hardware. It has become a challenge that integrates the user experience, alertness in the arrival on the market and the continuous development of improvements in ever changing environments.

Business teams require innovative solutions with which to surprise and engage their customers, rapid developments with which to reach the markets soon, customization and immediate prototypes based on low-code platforms. CIOs also need cost-effective, scalable, well-functioning developments in cloud environments that are easy to evolve and maintain.

Due to the foregoing, we work closely with the main software manufacturers and offer multidisciplinary teams with experience in streamlined methodologies and DevOps, managed support services for this type of development.

We design and implement digital assistants, chatbots, multichannel kiosks and applications on smart devices. To improve equipment performance, we develop BPM solutions for process digitisation, and software robots (RPA) for automation.

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Digital Experience

Our watchword is to support companies, their customers, partners and employees with a digital experience that brings value to their business and its users, taking advantage of customers and brand users’ iterations.


An optimal level of DevOps maturity implies cultural and organisational changes, that is why we work in the three organisational dimensions: Strategic, which, backs a commitment to tactical digital disruption, thereby fostering the change of digital and operational mentality, leading to improvements vis-à-vis time-to-market and user experience, and all this, to facilitate an agile and effective 360º transformation.


We help companies to properly define their processes and implement the activities in each of them to deliver the best relationship and the best product or service to their customers.


IberDok is our solution for the intelligent generation of documents and forms for dynamic personalized communications. It facilitates editing based on templates by integrating and reusing static and dynamic information objects.
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Blockchain enables the implementation of distributed, public and changeless, fault-tolerant, resilient and transparent databases. And from Ayesa, we transfer this technology to the market in multi-company relations and processes, as well as in relations with customers and the citizen.

Multichannel developments

We collaborate with our clients in the development and implementation of strategies for the use of multiple media and communication platforms. Diversity of audience and customers, the development of technology and the emergence of new media has changed the relationship paradigm

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