Engineering 4.0

Facility management and digitisation of infrastructures and processes.

The industrial revolution presently underway is grounded on the application of cyber-physical systems, in which the enormous human potential is catapulted by technologies and methodologies such as BIM, digitisation of processes and infrastructures, robotics, sensors and smart activators. 

The total interaction of these technologies, with the production processes of the different engineering markets, allows for the streamlining of these processes and hitherto unseen engagement of human talent to the most critical tasks.

Our consulting teams bring together functional and technological experts to find the most suitable technological solution and integrate it into our customers’ production processes. 

We have made a niche for ourselves in the railway sector with technological projects applied in all typologies: meters, trams, light meters, conventional lines and high-speed lines.

We apply the BIM methodology as a preliminary step to the digitisation of the operation and maintenance of infrastructures, with the aim of digitising the functionality of transport infrastructure systems. 

Through virtual augmented reality we simulate operational situations, passenger guidance, training of operators plus the scheduling and logging of the maintenance of transport lines. Our major challenge today is the digital twin.

Our skills set

Engineering, consulting and technical assistance for railway electrification

We carry out designs, site supervision and management of complete rail electrification projects, including traction and service substations, overhead contact line and high voltage lines in medium and long-distance railway networks, metropolitan railways and tramways.

Engineering, consultancy and technical assistance of installations and facilities

Design and supervision of works, consultancy and project management of CMS installations (control, command and signalling) and electromechanical installations of medium and long-distance railway lines, metropolitan railways and trams.

Industry 4.0

We apply process streamlining techniques to aid productivity, and on top of them we add the necessary technology to obtain the most relevant data and thus help the most suitable business decisions.

Solutions for infrastructure management, operation and maintenance

We implement and maintain technological solutions that facilitate the management, operation and/or maintenance of infrastructures, including mobile applications based on AR/VR, Digital Twin, infrastructure sensing, data acquisition, ‘data lake / data storage’, ’Business Intelligence’, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Applications for infrastructure users

We develop mobile applications that facilitate the use of infrastructures by users, integrating BIM and augmented reality-based functionalities.

Telecontrol and automation of infrastructures

We undertake turnkey projects of complete systems of remote control and automation of infrastructures, including design, definition, supply, installation and commissioning of all components: sensors, PLCs, control panels, communications, SCADA and control centre. We also carry out project drafting, maintenance and operation of remote control and automation systems. 


We offer cybersecurity consulting services such as audits, implementation of methodologies and assurance plans, support in obtaining certifications and maintenance of these, definition and maintenance of the SDLC and training.


We are involved in turnkey projects of complete communications systems of different types (radio, fibre optic, Wi-Fi, mobile communications…), including design, definition, supply, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance, audits and drafting of construction projects and specifications.

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