Outsourced business processes

Technical support, multichannel customer care and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for companies and public administrations, helping to define new models of care that improve the relationship with citizens and boost customer loyalty.

When offering the implementation of business processes that require the participation of large teams, it is also important to have the use of technologies that order and streamline the service. Our specialisation is the projects in which in addition to providing the human team, we complement the latter with BPM and RPA tools to offer a higher quality of service at more competitive prices.

We have recruited teams with extensive experience in the back-office processes of utilities in the energy sector and processes related to public administration and citizen service. In the world of telecommunications, we offer experience in network operations, and in business operations in direct interaction with the end customer.

We act as the back-office of processes such as billing and collection, claims management or contracting of services, but also the front-office in direct relationship with the client both in the issuance through different channels, as well as in the attention to them for sales campaigns, attention and support of the first level in various sectors and disciplines.

In our outsourced business processes, we offer a broad technological package, including RPA that permits the streamlining of human teams. 

Furthermore, we offer a standalone helpdesk that avoids fragmentation of information and delays in the attention and resolution of incidents.

Our skills set

Multi-channel care

We perform services of reception and attention of commercial calls, cross-selling and retention of customers on products and services, customer service and breakdowns.

Multi-channel broadcasting

We handle the issuing calls for campaigns of collecting satisfaction surveys, arranging appointments, attracting and retaining customers on products and services.

Recruitment back office

We perform recruitment requests (new registrations, modifications, de-registrations, transfers, replacements…), management with customers for solving contracting problems, management of the measure (load curves) and invoicing (pre-invoicing and dealing with claims).

Collection/billing back office

We offer contract validation and recording services, management of ATR contracts (sending, downloading and processing of response files, incident management, time checks on unanswered shipments, treatment of rejections, etc.), procedures with recovery agencies (remittances, bankruptcy, collection management…), VAT recovery and resolution of claims on payment agreements.

Back-office abnormality and fraud

We perform ToC generation services (checking, replacement, installation, etc.), valuation of unbilled energy, postal communications with customers and management of the documentation generated, analysis and management of payments received in the account of customers or agencies (applications, deliveries on account, fractions), review of deliveries on account and management of failures and analysis of files and documentation provided, and preparation of reports (monitors and AAPP).

Sales back office

We offer recruitment services management requests (new registrations, modifications, de-registrations, transfers, replacements …), telephone management with clients for the resolution of contracting problems, management of the measure (load curves), billing management (pre-invoicing and attention to claims), customized measure, international management, public administrations, market agents, value-added service operations and GEI (Comprehensive Energy Management) exploitation and briefing / BD ISS (Health and Safety Inspections) support/preventive planning.

Claims back office

Grading of claims and requests from customers, activation and deactivation of collection obligations and management of senior management claims.

Back office remote management campaigns

We perform services of selection of supplies for the generation of the campaigns, loading of the deployment campaigns, management of the failed concentrators, etc.

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