March 20, 2024

Chilean water company Esval continues its process of digital transformation by entrusting Ayesa with a data cleansing project

The purpose of the project is to increase the quality and accuracy of the company’s data, thereby allowing it to improve its decision-making processes and offer its customers the very best service.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, is set to undertake a data cleansing project in order to optimise processes and improve decision-making at Esval.

The Chilean company is responsible for all aspects of water management in the region of Valparaiso. This sees is supply water to more than 650,000 customers, as well as provide collection, sewage, treatment and reclamation services.



It is currently immersed in a process of digital transformation and is getting ready to migrate its legacy system to one based on SAP IS-U, a specific solution for the utilities industry.

A key part of this process is data cleansing, which will ensure the new platform has access to high-quality, accurate and complete data. This will allow Esval to make optimum business decisions.

The project will see Ayesa identify and correct errors as well as delete duplicated and irrelevant data. This will result in a precise, coherent and structured dataset for users. Improvements will also be made to the company’s storage environments and upstream data flow, something that will enable it to make savings in terms of time and costs from the outset.

The project, which will last six months, has been split into two phases. The first will involve the identification of entities and the definition of KPIs and rules, and the second will see Ayesa implement the necessary solutions.

Juan Ignacio Mena-Bernal, Director of IT Services for Latin America, explains how ‘Ayesa is a go-to technology partner for utility companies in Europe and Latin America, and is committed to accompanying Esval throughout its journey of digital transformation’. He goes on to note that ‘Ayesa’s experience in this area will undoubtedly lead to a significant improvement in the quality of Esval’s data, something that will make its operations more efficient and enable it to serve its clients to the highest of standards’.

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