April 2, 2024

Ayesa has won its largest water project contract in Saudi Arabia, valued at 95 million euros

The Saudi National Water Company NWC has awarded the design of 190 sanitation and drinking water distribution projects to Ayesa, representing a capex investment of 5 billion euros.

This landmark contract is worth 95 million euros to Ayesa.

The Andalusian-based firm will incorporate the most innovative technologies for water treatment, as well as measures to reduce energy consumption.

Ayesa, a leading global provider of technology and engineering solutions, won its biggest contract ever in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, worth 95 million euros. The National Water Company (NWC), a key figure in the water industry, has appointed the Andulasian firm to provide consultancy services for the design of 190 cutting-edge, sustainable water projects that will enhance both the quantity and quality of the resource.

This contract is a part of NWC’s commitment to provide safe drinking water and effective sanitation with a planned investment of around 200 billion euros by 2030 into comprehensive water cycle infrastructure including water treatment and sanitation processes to the delivery of potable water to its population.

In respect of Ayesa’s contract, the Spanish Engineering leader will design major hydraulic infrastructure across four regions of the country—south, west, northwest, and north. This comprehensive plan includes the construction of multiple water storage tanks to enhance the reliability of the water supply, alongside the development of pumping stations, treatment plants, purification facilities, and widespread distribution networks.

Ayesa will deliver the design of these hydraulic projects as well as provide environmental services such as Environmental Impact Assessment and Ecological assessments to the NWC during the bidding stage for the construction of the infrastructures. Ayesa will leverage the most innovative technologies in water treatment, sustainable materials, and measures to optimize energy usage.

José Ramón Delgado, Ayesa’s Country Manager in Saudi Arabia, highlighted the contract’s significance: “This contract marks a historic milestone for the company, representing the largest contract in hydraulic works design for Ayesa to date. This contract is an opportunity for transformative growth, positioning Ayesa as a global leader, and leveraging the strengths and experience of our engineering hubs across various locations in Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ireland, Bahrain, and India. This major win establishes Ayesa as a leading engineering and technology services provider in the Middle East”.

Ayesa is currently in the Top 20 (#17) worldwide for water supply as surveyed in the 2023 ENR Global Sourcebook.

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