March 23, 2023

Ayesa and SAP expand digital services for large public and private sector clients in Mexico

Ayesa, a worldwide provider of technology and engineering services and an important SAP collaborator continues to grow its partnership with SAP by offering its SAP digital services in Mexico.

For the past 25 years, Ayesa has operated a SAP business line with over 750 specialized consultants equipped to handle complex, comprehensive projects.

These projects include implementing Business Suite in SAP Hana and S/4 Hana, conducting international rollouts and roll-ins, managing mergers and spin-offs, executing upgrades, and performing migrations and conversions, as well as the expansion of existing solutions.

Ayesa is now offering digital implementation services and functional expertise to large clients in the energy and utilities sectors, as well as public administrative entities. Ayesa has a proven track record: it has successfully implemented SAP and applied pioneering solutions to improve the business processes, financial management, and customer service of various European companies and institutions, including Enel and Iberdrola, as well as several regional governments, including the Government of Panama and private entities such as Vanti and GEB. These solutions include migrating to the latest generation version of SAP technology and transitioning to cloud-based solutions.

Alvaro Zapata, IT Director, Ayesa Mexico, commented: “We have high expectations for the Mexican market and our partnership with SAP. Our objective is to help local companies transition to the highest standards of management and efficiency and assist them in their digital journey toward enhancing their services for customers and stakeholders. With SAP’s expertise and our experience in these sectors, we are confident that we can provide reliable solutions to large corporations seeking to streamline their processes and digitally transform their organizations.” He also affirmed that Ayesa’s plan in Latin America is to continue to grow and advance its SAP partnership.

This year, Ayesa celebrates its 20th anniversary in Mexico, where it has participated in significant infrastructure projects, including water and transportation, through its engineering business line. The company is also a leader in security technology for prison facilities and intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

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