December 12, 2022

Ayesa creates a new SOC with disruptive technology to increase their cybersecurity

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has recently created a SOC (Security Operations Centre) using disruptive, cutting-edge technology as well as bespoke IT solutions by Ayesa. The purpose of this innovation is to detect, analyse and correct any cybersecurity issues within the company. It is hoped to make this solution available to the group’s clients in the near future.

The SOC is composed of both physical equipment and a dedicated team who are responsible for overseeing the security of the company’s IT infrastructure, as well as maintaining global technology assets.

The SOC is based in a large room that meets the highest standards of physical security and this centre supervises and manages the company’s IT systems around the world.

A team of analysts monitor activity and respond to any events that are happening on Ayesa’s IT systems. Their job is to supervise and analyse activity on networks, servers, computers, databases, applications and websites, to name just a few examples, in search of weak signals or abnormal behaviour which may suggest a security incident, vulnerability or compromise.

‘The advanced SOC put in place by Ayesa allows it to do a number of things, such as being able to ensure the health of its networks and communications, and monitor each one of its access points and connections, as well as the core nodes of the companies that provide it with internet services’, explains Juan Carlos Castro, CSO at Ayesa. ‘Its purpose is to make sure we are stringent when it comes to the ongoing continuity, confidentiality and integrity of the information that a multinational like Ayesa handles’, he adds.

Disruptive technology, cutting-edge market solutions and specific applications

Ayesa’s SOC features the most disruptive technology that currently exists, which is not readily available to other companies. Examples of this include a corporate SIEM system and a VULMAN (vulnerability management) platform, as well as initiatives such as the new XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solution and the potential deployment of ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) technology.

Furthermore, Ayesa’s SOC team has developed specific applications designed to manage effectively the various control features of the security centre. These are:

  • The data centre monitor: data from the data processing centre is used by the data centre monitor in order to provide information relating to the temperature, humidity, voltage, consumption and health of the assets that make up the data centre. Using this data, it sends early warning messages and warning messages whenever one of these are not working properly.
  • The VULMAN system: this manages the vulnerabilities detected in terms of the infrastructure. It provides bastioning instructions and sends instructions for mitigating weaknesses to those responsible for the assets.
  • Nethealth: this monitors the health of the network assets, bandwidth used and the strength of the network access points on the company’s Wi-Fi networks.
  • Admintracker: this grants and revokes admin rights for users at Ayesa, and provides comprehensive information relating to this.

Ayesa’s SOC is made up of engineering consultants and analysts, and ensures that possible security incidents are detected, analysed and investigated. It also makes sure the appropriate measures are taken to protect the company and informs those responsible for cybersecurity at Ayesa as well as national bodies, who are responsible for taking action in response to threats and cyberattacks.

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