November 28, 2022

Ayesa celebrates 10 years in Chile and is now looking to further expand its IT and engineering capabilities in the country

Ayesa, a renowned global provider of technology and engineering services, is marking a decade of operations in Chile. During this milestone, the company remains committed to expanding its scope of work and strengthening its IT and engineering capabilities in the country. Ayesa’s dedication to diversification and growth underscores its long-term vision and commitment to delivering innovative solutions to its clients in Chile.

Initially, when first opened, Ayesa’s Chilean office primarily focused on technology projects for the public sector. However, it quickly expanded its portfolio by undertaking projects for prominent organizations such as the multinational energy company Enel and the leading wood pulp, engineered wood, and forestry company Arauco. This diversification allowed Ayesa to leverage its expertise in different sectors and establish valuable partnerships with major industry players in Chile.

A key milestone for Ayesa in Chile was the establishment of a permanent engineering team, which resulted in a significant expansion of its workforce in the country. This strategic decision not only doubled the number of staff members but also had a remarkable impact on the company’s turnover

Ayesa is actively engaged in several prominent projects in Chile, showcasing its expertise in various sectors. Notable examples include its involvement in the extension of Line 3 of the Santiago Metro, where the company is providing technical inspection services for the systems associated with the project. Additionally, Ayesa is contributing its civil engineering inspection services to Line 7 of the Santiago Metro, further demonstrating its capabilities in the transportation sector. Furthermore, the company is playing a crucial role in the LNG terminal project GNL Quintero, providing valuable project consulting services

Ayesa’s technological expertise shines through its provision of application maintenance and support services to Codelco, a prominent mining company.  Furthermore, Ayesa delivers exceptional data cleaning services to Esval, a water company, enabling them to effectively manage and enhance the quality of their data resources. These technology-driven solutions highlight Ayesa’s dedication to delivering quality services and adding value to the operations of its clients in the mining and water industries.

The company’s team in Chile has seen impressive growth, with the number of staff members doubling over the past year to reach a total of 108.

Enrique Calcagni, Country Director for Engineering in Chile, emphasizes that ‘ the past ten years are only the start of an exciting journey enabled by Ayesa’s exceptional professionalism and outstanding services in Chile.’

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