March 29, 2023

SAS has introduced a software robot to validate talent selection for public recruitment

The technology implemented by Ayesa makes it possible to speed up the time it takes to offer public employment.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has partnered with SAS, The Andalusian Health Service, to incorporate robotic process automation (RPA) technology into its public employment selection processes. Ayesa created the new software to streamline the verification of professional merits and accreditations provided by candidates, reducing management times and operating costs, and providing updated and accurate information for talent selection panels.  Ayesa’s cutting-edge RPA technology enables SAS to automate the verification process of candidates’ credentials, allowing quicker and more accurate results. This innovative technology enhances the efficiency of the public employment selection processes. The SAS is committed to continually improving its recruitment processes, and incorporating Ayesa’s RPA technology is a significant step toward achieving this goal.

RPA technology automates the verification of documents provided by applicants such as accreditations, qualifications, training, journal publications, confirmation of indexed databases, impact factors, and other credentials. Following the validation of the selection panel of the applicant and their documents, Ayesa’s system cross-checks this information with thousands of pieces of essential data to confirm the candidate’s credentials. It also executes thousands of search and verification processes related to the evaluation of these merits. Thus providing public selection panels with correct and updated information.

More than 12,500 credentials cross-checked

During the six months the program has been in operation, the system has cross-checked over 12,500 credentials. The innovative RPA technology can handle large amounts of data and can automate mechanical and repetitive processes that don’t need cognitive analysis. The new technology also helps with migrating and classifying data and information from obsolete systems or those no longer technically supported. This includes data such as large banks of documents, emails, forms, and other data such as images or videos, which need a more detailed structure. The system can also integrate with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and has Artificial Intelligence and IDP (Intelligence Document Processing) capabilities.

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