May 25, 2022

Ayesa is helping with the creation of the Single Social Services Record System by migrating data belonging to two million members of the public

Ayesa has recently participated in the creation of the Single Social Services Record System, one of the most important projects undertaken by Andalusia’s Local Department of Equality, Social Policy and Work-Life Balance, and an initiative that has seen the region become a leader in the centralised management of such services in Europe.

Specifically, the company has migrated data belonging to two million residents in Andalusia. The services the system covers range from grants to benefits for vulnerable groups.

Ayesa is responsible for maintaining the region’s Public Social Services System, and it is from here that the company has migrated data to the Single Social Services Record System, which will now bring together all the systems currently used to manage such services in Andalusia.

The new system contains all social services related information on each resident in Andalusia and their family, as well as information on the services they access and the organisations and professionals that provide such services.

Francisco Jiménez, who is responsible for the Public Social Services System platform at Ayesa, notes how this is a cutting-edge model which can be easily exported to other regions.

Ayesa has been part of the Single Social Services Record System since the very beginning, even participating in the EU-funded pilot project Resisor, which laid the foundations for its creation. According to a study carried out by the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville into how regional social services in Andalusia are organised and funded as well as the people involved, up to 15 applications are currently used to manage them, meaning massive inefficiencies.

On the one hand, the Single Social Services Record System is set to provide local bodies with an easy way of accessing processes relating to regional social services. And, on the other hand, it will help the professionals involved carry out their work in a more efficient manner, allowing them to share and check details on users whilst ensuring maximum safety, confidentiality and protection when it comes to their personal data.

Furthermore, users will be able to access their information, check their records and obtain certificates containing information on the assessment and recognition of their disability, their situation of vulnerability, and the benefits they are receiving.

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