May 23, 2022

Ayesa provides 60 professionals for the new service 012, offered by the Regional Government of Andalusia

Ayesa, an international provider of IT and engineering services, has launched a new BPO service for the Regional Government of Andalusia, a move that is expected to significantly improve how it communicates with the public.

The Deputy Minister for the President’s Office, Antonio Sanz, recently visited Ayesa’s premises in Vega del Rey to publicly present this initiative.

The purpose of 012 is to bring together in one place the various public helplines that exist, and provide residents in Andalusia with easily accessible information on the processes and services the regional government is responsible for. These include those related to education, tax, housing and elderly care.

The company has provided 60 professionals, who are responsible for answering queries received through a number of different channels, including by telephone and online. These include issues relating to appointments at offices belonging to the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Andalusian Tax Agency, MOT testing centres and the Andalusian Employment Service. The number does not replace or provide services offered by emergency numbers able to establish where a caller is located (112 and 061), or the non-emergency health telephone service Salud Responde for the time being.

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