November 7, 2022

Ayesa awarded design of the first section of the Camp de Tarragona tramway-train

Ayesa has been awarded the design contract for the Cambrils-Vila-Seca section of the Camp de Tarragona tram-train project, with a contract value of 1.6 million euros.

The contract allows a 15-month period to design a 14.6-kilometer section between Salou and Vila-seca, based on approved informative and environmental impact studies. The total investment for the tram-train system, including control centers, depots, and convoys is approximately 150 million euros.

As part of the construction project, the analysis of the energy collection system will be conducted, taking into consideration the absence of overhead catenaries in urban areas and town halls.

The awarding of this contract further solidifies Ayesa’s position as a leader in metropolitan railway projects, both in Spain and internationally.

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