March 14, 2023

Ayesa protects Egile’s IT systems with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution

Through Ibermática, Ayesa is the technology provider chosen by Egile to protect its IT systems from cyberattacks through a wide range of services as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

The solutions implemented allow Egile to constantly monitor its systems and be alerted to new malicious agents, as well as take quick and effective action in the event of incidents.Egile is a high-precision mechanics firm. It manufactures aeronautical components and systems for engine manufacturers, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and platform manufacturers, and develops high-value mechanical solutions for the defence, science, space, photolithography and particle therapy industries, as well as complete easy-open end systems for the metal packaging sector. Due to the critical nature of its work, the company requires its IT systems to be extremely resilient, particularly due to the increased threat of cyberattacks brought about by the new digital era.

As part of its strategy to enhance its cybersecurity, it requires an advanced SOC service provided through a CERT (computer emergency response team)/CSIRT (computer security incident response team), able to provide it not only with the necessary advice for implementing appropriate protection measures, but also identify and mitigate any potential threat that may jeopardise the availability, integrity or confidentiality of its IT systems.

The SOC/CERT centre created by Ibermática an Ayesa company provides Egile with 24×7 monitoring, warning, detection, incident management and response services in order to avoid disruptions to its processes. Furthermore, UNIT71, the cyber intelligence team, provides Egile with an early warning service (threat intelligence), which makes it aware of potential threats faced by the industrial sector, as well as new campaigns, techniques and tactics in the area of cybercrime, and necessary measures to minimise potential risks. It has also created an action plan featuring tactical and strategic recommendations prioritised according to the work their implementation involves and how important they are for protecting critical systems and processes.

The service provided by Ibermática an Ayesa company ensures a high level of maturity in terms of the IT/OT cybersecurity environment, allowing for greater control and knowledge of threats and weaknesses affecting the company. Having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place also allows Egile to be fully aware of potential threats and take more efficient action as a result.

Moreover, it now has greater monitoring and traceability capabilities in terms of its systems and data, and is able to respond much more quickly and efficiently to incidents. The solutions implemented allow for greater visibility, something which allows incidents to be managed more efficiently, as well as for a greater awareness of new malicious agents and the ability to act quickly.

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