March 14, 2024

Ibermática Fundazioa explores the impact of quantum computing on businesses

The foundation recently held an event in which various companies had the chance to share their experience with this new technology.

This morning, Ibermática Fundazioa, in partnership with the Provincial Government of Álava, held an event in Vitoria designed to change the way companies view the new quantum era. The meeting was attended by representatives from some of Spain’s biggest companies, who shared their experience with quantum computing and how it has transformed their organisation.

The event began with a speech by Saray Zárate Fernández de Landa. The Provincial Minister for Economic Development and Innovation in Álava spoke about the potential impact of quantum technology on business and economic development in the region, explaining how ‘far from being futuristic or associated with big advances in technology, quantum computing represents a real opportunity for companies of any size and from any sector’.

She went on to note: ‘Just how the internet and email changed the way we communicate with we each other a few decades ago, robotics and automation have changed production lines, and artificial intelligence is revolutionising the economy and social interactions, quantum technology is set to bring about a shift in paradigm in many fields’.

According to her, ‘[quantum computing] means we are able to create solutions to problems which were previously unsolvable, something which enables us to optimise processes, take artificial intelligence to new levels, and handle large volumes of data more efficiently and securely. That is why the moment has come to embrace this technology by developing use cases and integrating it into business operations’.

The regional minister concluded: ‘We know which technologies, despite being in their early stages, will become essential for any company within the next decade. As such, it is important we focus on the opportunities they offer’.

For his part, Joseba Inchaurraga explained how the event responds to the goal of the foundation to ‘drive and share technological research in the region, as well as foster talent through training’. According to the President of Ibermática Fundazioa: ‘Ultimately our mission is to contribute to social progress through R&D and the transfer of knowledge to businesses’.

He also noted that Ibermatika Fundazioa and Ayesa have already developed various practical applications for quantum technology, and that the 220 students enrolled on the group’s Junior University programme ‘now receive classes on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and quantum computing’.

Following this, Aitor Moreno, Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing Department at Ibermática Fundazioa, gave a presentation in which he explained why quantum computing is so important. As such, he remarked: ‘This new technology has changed the way we see computation, simulation and communication, and has given us new sensory experiences. It is already revolutionising digital systems, which will need to be migrated to quantum systems sooner or later’.

He went on to say: ‘I would like to encourage innovative companies in areas such as industry, pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity, energy and the automotive industry to begin implementing this technology while it still offers a competitive advantage and before it becomes a must. After all, it is here to stay’. In his opinion, ‘quantum computing is already the biggest driver behind the new digital industry and is changing the way we view technology’.

During the event, representatives from companies in Álava explained how their companies are using quantum technology to optimise their production and decision-making processes. This is made possible by the fact that it allows businesses to analyse more data in less time, meaning a greater number of scenarios and variables can be considered when making decisions or planning production. Some of the companies that shared their experiences were Mercedes-Benz, Petronor, Serikat, Cyberzaintza, CIC EnergiGUNE, I+med, Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council and AVS.

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