March 12, 2024

Ayesa’s technology centre in Jaén reaches almost 100 members of staff as part of its efforts to offer outstanding digital solutions for the public sector

The President of the Provincial Government, Paco Reyes, recently visited the new centre in the provincial capital, where the company also provides IT infrastructure, technology consulting and information security services.

This morning, the President of the Provincial Government of Jaén, Paco Reyes, visited Ayesa’s new technology centre in Jaén, the provincial capital city. The team is now made up of almost 100 professionals from the company, who are mainly focused on developing software solutions to digitalise the public sector.

The new facilities are part of the company’s commitment to local talent as well as creating quality jobs in Spain and establishing a presence in medium-sized university cities with significant digital potential.

In the words of Germán del Real: ‘Our goal is to continue growing in Jaén through local talent, offering new members of staff the very best training in new technologies from the moment they join the company and ensuring more senior colleagues provide them with the support they need. As remote working is becoming more and more common, these new offices offer staff the opportunity to interact with colleagues in person, allowing them to share their experiences and grow together’.

The General Director of Ayesa adds: ‘Maximising the success of our clients through cutting-edge solutions is a source of great pride for us at Ayesa. We are committed to people, technology and excellence in everything we do, which is why we could not be in a better position to meet the most complex challenges of the digital world’.

During his visit, Paco Reyes, President of the Provincial Government of Jaén remarked: ‘Ayesa’s commitment to Jaén reflects the opportunities our province has to offer, which are constantly growing thanks to its university, renowned for its excellence in fields such as computer engineering. This talent has led to some of the country’s best-known companies opening up offices here, something that is generating significant employment and wealth in the region’.

Mr Reyes also highlighted the efforts of the Provincial Government to create employment and encourage companies to establish a presence in Jaén, as seen through its Employment and Business Plan. One beneficiary of this initiative is Ayesa, which received a EUR 600,000 grant in 2022.

Members of staff at the new technology centre work in four main areas: custom software development adapted to the specific needs of each client, which includes everything from apps to complex business systems; the design, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, which involves network management and cloud storage, to give just two examples; technology consulting and strategic support for digital excellence, which includes services such as project planning and process optimisation; and information security, which sees the company implement cybersecurity measures and provide incident response services to protect digital assets.

Ayesa’s new technology centre is already working on a number of public-sector projects within these areas, amongst which the following stand out:

  • Gerhonte
    This project involves Gerhonte, a HR system developed by Ayesa for the Andalusian Health Service. The complex system handles employee records, payroll and selection processes for 5000 active users and more than 110,000 professionals. It also includes modules for managing budgets, monitoring staff performance and managing shifts and absences. Furthermore, by using digital CVs, Gerhonte has streamlined selection processes and eliminated the need for paper.
  • Open Portal
    The aim of this project is to improve the way work carried out by contractors for one of the world’s biggest energy multinationals is managed. This has seen Ayesa implement Open Portal, a work certification solution that has automated commissioning, assignment management and technical validation processes. Based on SAP ECC and SAP BTP, the solution is currently being implemented at the company’s distributors in Spain, Italy, Romania and Latin America.
  • Upgrades, corrective maintenance and adaptive maintenance for IT systems belonging to the Spanish Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency
    This project involves providing services for applications used to manage theory exams and driving schools. This has seen the introduction of new features for booking practical exams and managing results, and has involved integration with other systems.
  • Giro
    This project has seen Ayesa develop Giro, a flexible and scalable economic-financial solution for the Regional Government of Andalusia. The system has been designed in such a way that it allows regional budgets to be created and managed in a comprehensive manner, thereby improving decision-making processes.
  • Itaca
    This project involves the development and modernisation of information systems in the areas of education, innovation, universities, culture and sport. The result is Itaca, a solution designed to allow the public education system in Valencia to effectively manage administrative and academic processes. This involves project planning and monitoring, and has seen the creation of a number of common architectural elements.
  • Modernising the Andalusian Mining Register
    This involves providing technical assistance as part of efforts to modernise the Andalusian Mining Register. The aim is to streamline the processing of mining applications as well as allow companies and members of the public to access up-to-date information.
  • Development and upgrading of IT systems belonging to the Regional Government of Valencia
    This project includes the maintenance and upgrading of applications designed to manage teaching staff, as well as other systems used by the region’s education system. Ayesa is responsible for operational management, on-demand projects and planned projects.
  • Sicho
    This is a corporate time and attendance application developed for public-sector workers (including civil servants, judicial staff and healthcare workers) in the Canary Islands. The services Ayesa is responsible for providing include technical and functional support, preventive and corrective maintenance and customised reports, to give just a few examples.
  • Project management for the General Sub-Directorate of IT, Communications and Networks, under the Spanish Ministry of External Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation
    This projects involves the digital transformation and modernisation of Spain’s consular services. Based on a comprehensive approach focused on the needs of citizens, its aim is to transform applications, infrastructure and working practices. This includes much more than a mere change in technology, encompassing a cultural change designed to enhance the skills and training of staff as well as improve the way employees of the ministry work.

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