March 7, 2024

Ayesa optimises sales at Kadion using Azure OpenAI GPT models

The company, which belongs to the Pihemok Group, has opted for this cutting-edge solution to improve the way it manages its technical information.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering solutions, has signed a collaboration agreement with Kadion, a distribution subsidiary of Spanish chemicals group Pihemok. The aim is to improve its sales operations through the implementation of Azure OpenAI GPT models.

The project has arisen from the need for Kadion’s sales team to acquire the necessary technical knowledge on the group’s products, as well as improve their ability to sell them. This is a particular challenge for new sales staff and customer service teams, who currently need constant support from senior colleagues.

The solution put forward by Ayesa involves creating a centralised knowledge base containing information from Kadion’s existing ERP system as well as other external sources used by sales staff. The knowledge base will be powered by Azure OpenAI GPT models to allow it to function as a virtual sales expert with extensive knowledge on the company and the market in which it operates.

As such, employees will be able to ask it questions relating to technical, safety and regulatory aspects of products distributed by Kadion. This will ultimately democratise the company’s vast wealth of information as well as create a digital asset of great value for staff across the company.


A disruptive solution

The disruptive solution created by Ayesa is based on advanced AI able to offer advice and support to members of sales staff at Kadion. The Azure OpenAI GPT model will serve as an expert salesperson with extensive knowledge on the company and its market, able to answer questions from sales staff.

‘We are extremely excited to have partnered up with Pihemok for this innovative project’, says José Luis Hurtado. In the words of the Director of Azure Projects at Ayesa: ‘The implementation of Azure OpenAI GPT models is revolutionising sales in the chemical industry. We are confident that this new digital solution will make Kadion more efficient and competitive’.

Óscar Salinas, CIO of the Pihemok Group, which Kadion belongs to, remarks: ‘The partnership with Ayesa and the implementation of Azure OpenAI GPT models represent a significant milestone for our company. The solution will allow us to democratise our information as well as keep it within the group. Our philosophy of placing our clients at the heart of everything we do is what drives us to develop these kinds of solutions, designed to enable us to quickly and effectively introduce new products by maximising the efficiency and productivity of our sales teams’.

This project, carried out by Kadion and Ayesa, is a major achievement in terms of driving digitalisation and efficiency within the chemical distribution and manufacturing sector. The implementation of Azure OpenAI GPT models to provide sales support is a disruptive move that will undoubtedly result in a significant improvement to Kadion’s sales operations. Both companies share a commitment to pursuing digital transformation and increasing the efficiency of their clients’ operations.

Kadion is at the forefront of innovation in its sector, having adopted advanced technological solutions that have allowed it to optimise its sales processes as well as offer its clients a more responsive and personalised service.

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