January 10, 2024

Ayesa and Kutxabank sign an agreement to drive the digital transformation of SMEs

The initiative will see the bank finance technology projects carried out by the company.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, through its subsidiary Ibermática, has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Kutxabank.

The initiative will involve the bank providing SMEs with finance for digital transformation projects carried out by Ayesa. This will allow both Kutxabank and Ayesa to bring considerable added value to their clients, allowing them to secure the resources they need to digitalise and thus become more competitive.

The agreement is aimed at Spanish SMEs, and covers the implementation of software solutions by Microsoft as well as range of services, which range from deployment to corrective maintenance and upgrades.

The list of digital transformation products and services offered by Ayesa can be found on Kutxabank’s website, as well as Ibermática’s own website (www.ibermatica365.com/kutxabank/).



Jabier Larrañaga, Head of the Business Division at Kutxabank, notes how ‘the agreement is a further sign of our commitment to businesses’, adding that the aim of the bank is to ‘support them as well as offer them the products and services they need to grow’.

Gustavo Melero, Head of Small and Medium Enterprises as well as the Microsoft Centre of Excellence at Ayesa, explains how the agreement with Kutxabank ‘is extremely important in that it will help SMEs transition to the digital world, something that is essential if they are to remain competitive and maximise their profits’.

Ayesa has developed a website where Kutxabank’s customers can find the solutions and products covered by the initiative. These can also be found at www.ibermatica365.com.

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