March 7, 2023

Kutxabank takes its data strategy to the next level thanks to Cloudera architecture

Ibermática an Ayesa Company has designed, developed and carried out Kutxabank’s migration to Cloudera Data Platform.

Kutxabank has chosen a cutting-edge and scalable solution, Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), to take its data strategy to the next level. The decision was based on the bank’s need to be able to manage high volumes of data and increase its storage capacity, thereby reducing costs and making its environments easier to manage.

By implementing Cloudera technology, Kutxabank now has an optimal, modern platform which meets the highest of standards. Furthermore, by switching from a traditional data warehouse to a big data solution, it now has access to more powerful analytics features.

Thanks to CDP, the bank has increased its advanced analytics capabilities by 80% and the secure management of its data environments by 25%. Moreover, the new platform has increased end-to-end encryption and the bank is now able to comply with the requirements of the European Central Bank (ECB) on data masking much more easily.

A truly professional approach to data management

Kutxabank has created an Analytics Management Office made up of data experts such as strategy consultants, data scientists and specialists in big data, in order to take its data strategy and all its IT systems to the next level.

Amongst the use cases developed by the bank, the following particularly stand out: the implementation of data quality rules to ensure a robust data quality process, dashboards that provide insights into operations, improvements to proactive and reactive fraud detection, detection of potential risks, and new capabilities in terms of the channels made available to its customers.

Cloudera Data Platform


Ibermática an Ayesa Company has designed, developed and carried out Kutxabank’s migration to Cloudera Data Platform. It has successfully developed use cases based on Cloudera technology and its main components, such as phishing and cyberfraud detection, customer clustering and the subsequent improvement to the banking experience, and cryptocurrency investment advice. Day in, day out, Ibermática an Ayesa Company accompanies Kutxabank on its digital transformation journey towards big data.

‘Thanks to the migration to Cloudera Data Platform, we have been able to design an efficient, robust and scalable architecture’, explains Ziortza Ibarrondo Garay, Head of Sales and Information Systems at Kutxabank. ‘We are currently looking at how Cloudera’s open data lakehouse can help us create new ways of viewing and using data more efficiently’, she adds.

At Cloudera, we are very happy to be able to help companies such as Kutxabank and continue to discover new advantages that migrating to CDP can bring. I’m confident that Kutxabank will continue to implement new processes and techniques in order to further strengthen its current data strategy, exploring new tools for viewing and using data more efficiently’, notes Juan Carlos Sánchez de la Fuente, Regional Vice President of Cloudera for Spain and Portugal.

Since its migration to CDP, Kutxabank has not only increased the efficiency of how it manages data, but is also looking into new emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in order to enhance the agility of its operations.

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