January 15, 2024

Ayesa secures a 4.6-million-euro project to modernise conventional rail lines in Catalonia and Aragon

The company’s work will cover improvements to bridges, tunnels, cuttings and embankments, as well as the replacement of entire sections of line and changes to parts such as sleepers and switches.

Ayesa, a global provider of engineering and technology services, is set to lead a project aimed at improving and modernising conventional lines on Spain’s north-eastern rail network, which covers the provinces of Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Zaragoza and Huesca.

The scope of the company’s work will include producing the designs for two of the four lots put out to tender by Adif. The first of these, which is worth EUR 3.1 million, covers the network infrastructure and will be undertaken as part of a joint venture alongside Fhecor. The second, valued at EUR 1.5 million, will cover work on the tracks and will be carried out solely by Ayesa. The other two lots the company is not involved in are related to the design of the electrification and signalling systems.

Adif is set to invest a total of EUR 9.4 million to improve the lines over the coming three years as part of a framework contract aimed at maintaining this part of Spain’s conventional rail network.

Ayesa will be tasked with identifying possible improvements to bridges, tunnels, cuttings and embankments, as well as sections to be replaced and parts such as sleepers or switches that need changing.

The investment is part of Adif’s strategy to maintain and improve its conventional rail network, and comes after the complete replacement of certain lines in the region, such as that between Zaragoza, Huesca and Canfranc. These initiatives are closely related to Sustainable Development Goal 9, which aims to promote sustainable, reliable and high-quality infrastructure.

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