July 26, 2023

Ayesa awarded the contract to design new North Jerez train station by Adif

The Spanish multinational will also provide technical assistance during the construction of the new facilities.

Ayesa, a global provider of technology and engineering services, has been chosen by ADIF to design a new train station to serve the northern area of the city of Jerez. Ayesa’s bid received the highest score among the six bids received by the infrastructure management entity in the tender response.

The contract is worth worth 585,000 euros and once all formalities related to the contract award have been finalized and signed, Ayesa has been granted an 18-month timeframe to design the new station. Subsequently, as outlined in the tender specifications, the group will offer technical assistance during the construction phase.

The new train station will be built above the tracks and features a 200-m2 building, two covered platforms and a connecting underpass.

The facilities will be used for commuter trains travelling between Jerez and the Bay of Cádiz, and will involve a major restructuring of the network. Currently, Jerez Train Station is the terminus for commuter line C-1, which links the city of Cádiz to the rest of the Bay area. However, once the new station is up and running, the terminus will be Jerez Airport Train Station.

The design for the airport will involve a significant expansion of the railway tracks to accommodate a notably higher number of trains for arrivals and departures. Presently, the airport is served by three trains daily, but this number is set to surge to more than twenty once the new station is commissioned.

The additional track will be positioned on the outer side of the main platform, allowing trains to stop at the same level as the platform, which will enhance accessibility for passengers. However, the possibility of establishing the commuter network terminus at the new station has been ruled out due to insufficient space for building the necessary tracks.

The new facilities are expected to cater to around a thousand passengers daily, with approximately 300 of them choosing eco-friendly public transport over their private cars. Apart from improving connectivity to Jerez, the project will bring numerous advantages to the local rail network’s current users, benefitting thousands of people.

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