February 12, 2023

Ayesa appointed to design HVAC+R factory on behalf of Keyter Intarcon with investment of 30 million euros

Keyter Intarcon Selects Ayesa to Design Europe’s Most Efficient HVAC+R Factory in Lucena.

The project carries a price tag of over 30 million euros and is scheduled to become operational in 2025. The initial phase, covering 40,000 square meters, is already underway, and the subsequent phase will expand the site by an additional 30,000 square meters, resulting in a total area of 70,000 square meters.

The upcoming factory in Lucena will boast a workforce of 1,200 employees and stand as the epitome of modernity and efficiency in the industrial sector. It will be a cutting-edge complex, with solar panels adorning its roof capable of generating up to 1,800 kW of power. This impressive output translates to an estimated saving of 1,600 MWh, equivalent to 70% of the facility’s total energy consumption. As a result, the factory will significantly reduce its carbon footprint, showcasing its commitment to sustainability.

As part of this greenfield project, Ayesa has carried out all the necessary engineering and architecture work, in addition to the industrial designs using BIM. Construction supervision and management have now begun.

The project has been meticulously executed employing the PMP methodology, guaranteeing exceptional standards of quality. It has successfully assembled experts from diverse domains, encompassing civil engineering, geology, geotechnics, structures, architecture, processes, mechanics, piping, electricity, HVAC, PCI (Process Control Instrumentation), and instrumentation and control. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless integration of expertise across multiple disciplines, resulting in a comprehensive and well-rounded outcome.

‘This project has a very special meaning for us as it is part of a model to deliver industrial development in the more sparsely populated areas in Andalusia, a concept in which we firmly believe and are proud. It will bring great benefits for local communities by creating quality, skilled jobs, and will provide significant product exports. It also contribute to research, development and innovation in Andalusia’, explains José Antonio García Bermudo, Director of Energy and Industrial Installations at Ayesa.



Ayesa is one the world’s top engineering firms (43rd according to the prestigious international ranking ENR 2022) and has extensive experience with major projects around the world.  For over 30 years, the company has specialized in designing industrial plants for various sectors, including metalwork, agri-food, logistics, and more. Their clientele comprises renowned groups such as Gonvarri-Gestamp, Airbus, Acerinox, Ebro Puleva, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Grupo Modelo, FEMSA, Arca Continental, Decathlon, and Amazon. This impressive track record exemplifies the company’s expertise and ability to serve the needs of prominent organizations across various industries.

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