February 21, 2023

Fuerte Group Hotels pushes ahead with its digital transformation through the evolution of its SAP solutions

Ibermática an Ayesa Company is optimising the SAP infrastructure, platform and applications of the hotel division of Grupo El Fuerte, something which involves a SAP landscape on its private cloud.

Fuerte Group Hotels has entrusted Ibermática with the evolution of its technology infrastructure in order to optimise its management, storage, use, administration and maintenance, as well as the maintenance of SAP Basis of its current ERP. Ibermática, which has played a key role in this project, offers a flexible and dynamic pay-per-use (PPU) hosting model through its platform ‘SAP Cloud by Ibermática’, thereby allowing the client to avoid purchase costs whilst ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout the life cycle of the SAP applications in question.

Fuerte Group Hotels is the hotel division of Grupo El Fuerte, an Andalusian family business founded in 1957. It owns six four-star hotels and an apartment complex, which are located in Andalusia (Málaga, Cádiz and Huelva) and Ibiza.

In order to manage its operations, Fuerte Group Hotels uses SAP, and to ensure the operability of this solution it has entrusted Ibermática with the evolution of its infrastructure, the hosting of its SAP systems under a private cloud model, and the maintenance of its SAP systems.

Managing the life cycle of the group’s SAP applications

In addition to the agreement between both companies for the hosting and management of infrastructure belonging to Fuerte Group Hotels, which is based on a flexible and dynamic pay-per-use (PPU) model, and involves the provision of added-value cloud services through the platform ‘SAP Cloud by Ibermática’, a project to transform the SAP platform and applications has been undertaken, which has furthered the digitalisation of the hotel group.

This has allowed Fuerte Group Hotels to optimise its operating costs, as well as increase the scalability, dynamism, flexibility and innovation of its business.

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