January 12, 2023

2022: A Year of Change for Ayesa

We started 2022 with a stronger shareholder structure due to  A&M Capital Europe becoming a majority shareholder. This significant capital investment opened up a world of possibilities, allowing Ayesa to become a global provider of technology and engineering services in 2022.  And that was just the beginning…



Our M&A strategy aimed to promote inorganic growth through acquisition and this has resulted in multiple successes.  In February, 2022, we acquired our first company: ByrneLooby, an Irish engineering firm with offices in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East. We were delighted to welcome 225 brilliant minds to our group and we extended our services to include marine and coastal engineering services. The UK and Ireland is now our second biggest international hub after India.


byrnelooby ayesa


We made our debut in the data management management world after we acquired M2C, a technology firm with more than 255 experts in RPA and process automation. This team services major banks, telecommunications companies and insurance firms.


m2c ayesa


At the same time, we continued to deliver organic growth, winning many prestigious contracts, as well as diversifying our work in Spain and beyond. The public-sector technology team expanded its footprint, winning new contracts for the Spanish Government, in the Canary Islands and Murcia, and the tax agency in La Rioja, as well as public education and employment service projects. This consolidated our position as a leading technology firm dedicated towards delivering outstanding systems for the public sector.

Ayesa 012


Large utility companies continued to appoint us to help them transform their processes to create more technology-driven, efficient operations. In respect of the energy transition, we were appointed to projects which managed the implementation of large-scale solutions such as SAP, Salesforce and SAP IS-U, as well as cloud migrations. Our work for utilities covered the entire life cycle of processes, from the generation of energy through to the billing cycle, and provided advanced systems and CRM technology such as Salesforce.


migración a la nube Ayesa


We provide engineering and architecture services with a sustainable economic model to meet the needs of our clients. As we aim for net-zero emissions and renewable energy, our services adopted resource-efficient practices, such as using digital BIM solutions and virtual reality tools to inspect construction sites and buildings.

These efforts resulted in a record-breaking year in Spain, our best in a decade, where we secured supervision and design contracts for railway, road and water infrastructure projects with clients such as Adif, the Spanish Ministry of Transport, and ACUAES.

In 2022 Ayesa landed and expanded in new countries, and consolidated its position as a service provider for sustainable development of cities. In Portugal we are part of one of Europe’s most important metro projects, which involves designing the Linha Rubi (Ruby Line) of the Porto Metro, and in Poland we expanded into new sectors such as oil and gas, as well as transport and renewable energy.



In Chile, we were awarded a second contract for the Santiago Metro, in the Dominican Republic we secured our first project as part of the extension of Line 1 of the Santo Domingo Metro, and in Mexico we won the supervision contract for the Monterrey Metro.

In 2022, the prestigious magazine Engineering News-Record (ENR) put Ayesa amongst the world’s top 42 design firms and amongst the top 3 in Latin America.

During the second half of the year, a very important development took place: we acquired Ibermática, a leading technology firm in Spain with numerous IBEX 35 and public-sector clients. This transition resulted in our team growing to over 11,000 professionals, to become one of Spain’s biggest and most talented technology platforms. We are now one of the top 5 digital service providers in Spain.



Over 2022, we expanded our technology capabilities and focused on local talent. We opened up new technology centres in a number of medium-sized, university cities, namely Burgos, Jaén and Oviedo, which are expected to create more than 300 local jobs.

Ayesa Jaén


What’s more, our employee surveys showed our staff are highly satisfied with their workplaces and our company. This was partly due to our hybrid, multi-locational work model called Smart Job. We also focused on the professional and personal growth of our people through initiatives such as Develop Your Talent, which allows individual to map personalised and individual training plans.


desarróllate en Ayesa


Innovation, diversity and sustainability continue to be our driving forces. We took part in large multi-million-euro European projects in complex areas such as cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and artificial intelligence for the energy sector which will help bring carbon-free systems closer.

At Ayesa, we are passionate about our values. Our YES philosophy can be clearly seen around our offices, and this new attitude and positive mindset is driving us. Now let’s make sure we act like the champions we are.
Play like a winner!


yes Ayesa


2022 closed with a much-awaited announcement: the completion of the full acquisition of Ibermática.

For Ayesa, 2022 has been a year that has seen us go from strength to strength. Bring on 2023!

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