July 8, 2022

Ayesa set to open a technology centre in Jaén with a team of more than a hundred professionals

Ayesa, a global technology and engineering services provider, is set to open a technology centre in Jaén with a team of more than 100 professionals. Ayesa will soon establish a permanent presence in the province of Jaén as part of its commitment to local talent and for the purpose of increasing its technological capabilities in response to the rise in digital transformation projects across Spain, driven by Next Generation EU funds.

This latest opening is part the company’s strategy to focus on local talent as well as create high-quality jobs throughout Spain by strengthening its relations with universities in provincial capitals and medium-sized cities with significant digital capabilities.

The aim is for the centre in Jaén to become a leader in terms of high-quality services and technology, alongside the centre in Burgos announced in March. It will be part of Ayesa’s national network of offices and will develop solutions for the digitalisation of the public sector and Next Generation EU funded projects.

Germán del Real, Managing Director for Spain at Ayesa, highlights that the decision to choose Jaén is the result of a thorough analysis, which has seen the city excel on a number of fronts, including the prestige and quality of its universities and computer science vocational training colleges. ‘We’re proud to be able to contribute to generating wealth at a local level by creating a significant number of new jobs and bringing major digital transformation contracts to the city’, explains Germán.

The Managing Director also notes how Ayesa is a company with an impressive track record when it comes to growth, explaining how this will undoubtedly ‘benefit all our technology centres in terms of volume of work and lead to offices being opened in other parts of Spain in the near future’.

Ayesa has already begun the recruitment process and is getting the premises, located on Avenida del Ejército Español, ready for use.  Once open, the centre will use Ayesa’s Smart Job model, which allows employees to be based at multiple locations and combine remote work and office time.

Ayesa is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and engineering services with 6300 employees and a permanent presence in 20 countries. In terms of IT, the firm has particular expertise in the development and implementation of solutions for companies and the public sector. As such, it is responsible for large technological platforms designed to allow multinationals to effectively manage their processes, and governments and institutions to efficiently handle their operations and services.

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