June 30, 2022

José Luis Manzanares Abásolo: Global Conference June 2022 ‘We’ve been growing for the past three years and the trend looks set to continue over 2022’

Ayesa held a new Global Conference on 22 June, which was attended by almost 500 members of senior and middle management from 20 countries. At the event, José Luis Manzanares Abásolo, CEO of the company, talked about how we’ve been growing for the past three years, a trend that looks set to continue over 2022.

Ayesa is seeing its turnover increase across all markets, including in utilities and energy, transport, the public sector, natural resources and the environment, cities, insurance and telecommunications, aeronautics, industry and banking. In terms of 2022, he highlighted: ‘we’re on track to meet our budget, with double-digit growth in sales through to May, a figure that is well above our target, as well as an increase in profit margins and a growing project portfolio’.

He also explained that we need to ‘make more of an effort to diversify so as not to put all our eggs in one basket’. As part of our efforts in this area, we have acquired ByrneLooby and M2C, increased our presence in English-speaking markets, made our debut in insurance and telecommunications, and consolidated our position in banking, data management technology and automation. ‘The big challenge we now face is harnessing all the synergy created by these companies’, he noted.

He talked about how the goal is to become ‘a leading Spanish digital services group as well as expand our engineering area in English-speaking countries over the next few years’. He added that these changes are going to truly transform the group and lead to it doubling in size. He also offered a word of caution: ‘we need to be careful these challenges don’t cause us to take our eye off the ball in our day-to-day work, something which involves carrying out our projects with maximum efficiency, ensuring the loyalty of our clients, maintaining a highly structured organisation with teams that are on the same page, and striving for rigour in everything we do’. He finished by stressing ‘the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to change’.

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