Flooding and Rivers

Innovative Flood and River Solutions: Protecting Lives, Infrastructure, and Environments

Ayesa is a leading flood consultant in Ireland and the UK with a respected legacy and excellence in flooding. Ayesa engineers play a vital role in protecting communities from the impacts of flooding, which occur at coastlines, or inland by rivers, waterways or excesses of water in the local drainage network, and from surface water or groundwater. We work across multiple disciplines and sectors, including transport, marine, energy, critical infrastructure, and the environment, to deliver effective flood mitigation and defences. 

River Engineering and Management

Designing and implementing river engineering solutions to mitigate the risk of river flooding, including channel restoration, bank stabilization, and floodplain management. Utilizing hydraulic modelling and flood risk assessment techniques to develop effective river management strategies.

Risk Assessment

Conduct thorough assessments to understand the potential risks posed by flooding and quantify the financial implications for businesses, communities, and infrastructure. 

Sustainable Solutions

Recommending sustainable flood and river management solutions that balance environmental concerns, community needs, and economic viability. 

Mitigation Plans

Develop comprehensive flood mitigation plans that integrate structural and non-structural measures to reduce the impact of flooding on lives and properties. 

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