Water Resource Management

Water – for today and tomorrow

Water scarcity affects over 40% of the global population due to climate change, which disrupts water cycles and causes more frequent floods and droughts, making water supplies unpredictable. Ayesa helps clients manage water supply and enhance water security amid growing demand, population growth, and water scarcity. We offer environmentally sustainable solutions for drawing water from ground and surface sources, aiming to minimize the impact on natural water resources. 

In hotter climates, we help clients tackle water scarcity by maximizing the reuse of treated sewage effluent (TSE) for irrigating roadside vegetation in urban areas. Our projects include large-scale drinking water schemes, catchment management for reliable water supply, flood prevention, erosion control, and asset protection, all aimed at improving aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

We assist utilities, municipalities, and local authorities in: 

  • Managing and developing water and wastewater infrastructure, both man-made and nature-based. 
  • Optimizing existing assets, addressing aging infrastructure, and integrating new and old assets. 
  • Supporting decision-making through assessments, research, and studies that aid in infrastructure planning and construction. 
  • Advising on innovative technologies to enhance productivity and conserve resources, such as recycling stormwater and wastewater. 
  • Exploring sustainable solutions, like enhanced water storage (aquifer recharge and recovery) and developing non-conventional water sources. 
  • Designing production wells and protecting catchment areas. 
  • Implementing desalination and reverse osmosis plants. 
  • Handling abstraction licensing and permitting. 
  • Selecting and protecting water sources. 
  • Designing treated sewage effluent processes and irrigation networks. 

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