Environment and Sustainability

At Ayesa, our mission is crystal clear: to deliver major infrastructure projects sustainably, whether new developments or redevelopments.

With a global presence, our consultancy services cater to clients worldwide, including government bodies, private developers, and NGOs. Specializing in ensuring exceptional project performance within regulatory frameworks, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from impact assessments to construction supervision. Our environmental planning team excels in developing plans for urban, energy, transportation, residential, and public infrastructure schemes, ensuring compliance with local legislation.  
Our proven track record includes delivering environmental and sustainability services for notable projects such as the Blanchardstown Regional Development Scheme in Ireland, the Al Sahel “megaproject” in Bahrain, and over 190 water schemes across Saudi Arabia, representing a capital investment exceeding 5 billion euros. Our comprehensive environmental services cover a wide array of sectors, including maritime, civil infrastructure, wastewater treatment, industrial, manufacturing, and oil and gas. From marine reclamation to flood relief schemes and land remediation, Ayesa is dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions that care for our future. We help councils and planners with urban development and policies, as well as making sure environmental impacts are part of strategic decisions. 

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