Water Conveyance and Distribution

At Ayesa, we collaborate with leading distribution companies both in Spain and internationally, providing deep and broad expertise in the analysis and design of water transportation systems.

Much of the world’s drinking water is lost to leaks before it reaches our taps. To conserve this valuable resource, utilities are investing in more efficient networks and distribution systems. Water transportation must navigate various terrains: mountains, aggressive maritime environments and constricted urban areas to move water and wastewater between collection and delivery points. Our water team specializes in designing and building all the components of water conveyance systems, including flow control facilities, pumping stations, canals, reservoirs, and pipeline routes. We facilitate the transfer of water and wastewater from sources like marine intakes to treatment plants and storage facilities. 

Our multidisciplinary experts consider the full water lifecycle in a holistic assessment, allowing us to pinpoint challenges and opportunities early on. As a trusted top 20 leader in Global Water Supply, Ayesa provides future-forward solutions while caring for the environment. 

Ayesa has played a significant role in various major projects, including upgrading the sewer network in Ireland in an €88 million scheme. Other projects include the Hydroelectric Intake Power Station of the Navarra Canal, where Ayesa provided environmental monitoring and ensured health and safety along the 177 kilometres of canal.  

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